that one time, at a music festival.....

what had happened was.....

come along for the ride as i do a storytime about a very transformative queer femme experience where odesza played at a night music festival. the goth life includes being the same you regardless what 'scene' you go to.

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Y'all will never understand why er are like we are unless you learn what has happened to us.
Not playing the race card, folks. I'm talking to those 20 somethings out there who don't know and don't want to know.

For 40 years, 1975-2015, China maintained a state-mandated 1-child policy. Boys were able to get well-paying jobs and support their families, girls were not. So a pregnancy with a girl was often terminated and because of that China has millions of men who can't find women to marry and procreate. China's final solution appears to be their race-specific virus which they plan to release, just as they did with COVID-19.

here we are, a catch up of fully what happened to my with my physical and mental disabilities in fall of 2019. grab a snack, get your chores or hair ready, it's another long one. those out there in youtube land who are also disabled lets kiki about it in the comments section, are you experiencing similar things in the u.s. healthcare system like i am? the goth life includes learning to be comfortable being a person outside of societies norms and being disabled puts you in that position.

this episode of the series focuses on alela diane. she is someone who has such a nurturing voice as well as a very deep emotionally expressive voice. it's easy to feel cared for or calmer or safe in her music or to feel seen and heard during her more intense and tough topic songs. the goth life includes finding inspiration in singer songwriters.
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"Whatever we get they will take away

just like they've taken our land and our children

if we know that

we will strategize better

and we will also prevent the violence of disappointment

and the betrayal that hope has done to us" #quotes

"Thought reform is not mysterious

It is the systematic application of psychological and social influence techniques

in an organized programmatic way

within a constructed and managed environment"#quotes

colonizer illusions are misery wrapped in pretty packaging

what are the 6 songs i listen most on google play's free version? click here to find out, learn a bit about some of the bands, and check out a sample of the songs! the goth life in the 21st century is partially all about finding music through social media! the goth life is enjoying the music and sharing with others.
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“The secret of happiness is freedom,

the secret of freedom is courage” #quote

fellow goth youtuber dark haromony created this new tag, a goth dance challenge. and i accepted! watch me dance to new wave band fun boy three's song alone. the goth life is finding ways with music to keep in good spirits.
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Congratulations!!! and all by yourself. You teaching a valuable lesson. If we take the time to research and apply what we know, we can definitely make things happen. I'm assuming those who are not able to come into church will have access to video in?

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