We recently pushed a website update but it seems like the mobile app is affected. Mobile app is logging users out and they’re unable to log in.

Please remove and reinstall or use the website if problem persists.

Working on issue.

In response Lenny Kathleen to her Publication

this happened to me earlier I thought it was finally the apocalypse

Nvm just the app temporarily not working but it’s ok don’t panic we’re all fine! #blkem


The app is not working because and update was put into place.

In response Marian Watson to her Publication

Keeps happening to me too. I had to clear the data and log back in. Or delete and reinstall the app. It did it again tho so I'll have to see what the timeframe on this is

In response Black Hulk to his Publication

Same, I can’t log in through the app. I’m sure it’s just a glitch somewhere but I’ll take that as my sign to call it a night 😂

@Blkem still rocking out with y’all since day one keep growing keep applying pressure

Erm .. am I the only one unable to gain access via the app?
When I log back in it says I’m already logged in 😭🥴

In response Drae Drae to his Publication

🌚🌚🌚 I will do loose chunky braids on Max's head, then generously apply a couple puffs of baby powder as a finishing touch ☺️. And Shemar couldn't just be bald DRAE, because he had to look unkempt and disheveled 😌.

I'm back in @Blkem thank the LORDT

also seeing the differences in the app I downloaded now, I was definitely using the old app💀

I waited before I said anything just to see. she called me like nothing happened talking regular. told me she seen him at the club but left it at that. I had to ask her “what made you suck his dick afterwards?” she denied it just to later admit and apologize. 🚮

In response Call Me Coach to his Publication

Aint they tho? I'm rockin with all these different perspectives and approaches to putting words together

This morning I was jamming to Surface Pressure (Encanto) all by myself in the car going to my appointment

Don’t judge me but I legit be in the corner jamming to The Workout Song by Gracie’s Corner 🤣😂

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