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Greetings, I believe we did send a follow-up email on May 5 asking which phone are you using, iOS or Android. Let us know and we will send you beta email.

You're welcome. Don't forget to download the beta app for iOS or Android

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😩 We have the Mobile Beta app out for testing. You team iOS or Android?

We recently started sending out Beta Invite for iOS users. Some functions and issues still have to be updated.

Please bear with us as we roll out the updated Android Beta Version.

Thank you!!!

#blkem #blkemapp #IOS #android

Geetings Family,

Some good news and some bad news.

The Good News:

Mobile app have been appoved in both iOS and Android App store, so it can be downloaded...Finally!

The Bad News:

While the apps have been approved, we found some issues with the initial loading, messages and a few other necessary features. We are working to fix them as soon as possible and will update when they have been resolved.

So do bear with us! We are closer now!! Thank you for all the support!!

#blkem #blkemapp #B1

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Definitely understand. Apple but giving us flak..had to re-submit at least 4 times already. Android just need a few touches and should be good.

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I didn't know how to respond to your email to me regarding this new technology of BETA?!!!

But, I'm using ANDROID!!!

Team android really can't wait to beta test the mobile application. Since I signed up, i've seen some progress with this platform that many others are lacking. Even though they're unique in their own way, I think a platform that empowers the people is one that should be pushed to the forefront.

The ability to collaborate and get the job done, no matter what it takes. If we all can put aside our individuality for once and be on the same page with Black Empowerment, we can seriously make things happen.

#blackownership #istandwithblkem

We love keeping you all updated. We believe in transparency because it keeps us honest and it helps us grow!

Beta Android - Currently pending review in the Play Store. Normally takes 1 - 2 business days for completion. Beta App will not be public, so those who emailed us will get invite.

Beta iOS - Currently waiting to be pushed to the App Store. After it has been uploaded, it takes at least 7 business days for review completion. Apple is more stringent with the review process, so please bear with us!

#blkem #blkemapp #progress

instagram android app is force closing rn, probably gonna need a patch. is this like a powerplay in hockey rn? 😂 lol#blkem @administrator

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also if you have an android they do have an "App" with the same features as the website which makes things a little easier 😁

The only advantage of not having Clubhouse for Android is not adding one more distraction in my life 🤣

My people is sleeping at 6 AM because of Clubhouse

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The app was a temporary version. We don't recommend using it. The actual mobile app will be coming very soon after beta testing for both iOS and Android.

I think that iOS doesn't have a app but Android has

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i never got hive bc i have a an android but wth happened to it?

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