Nope just saying I know the update came to android first so a lot of iphone users where having issues

What phone do you have? When you updated the app, did you completely remove the old one first? If you have android, have you cleared the app cache?

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🤣 🤣 He really don't f with yall. I love it because I been on plenty of apps where an apple update was pushed through with no talks of an android update ever. We sitting there like "y-yall still got some of them updates left?"....

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Did you update the app? Remove the current app in install the android app from the Play Store

yayyyyyyyy video and photo upload seems to be fixed on Android

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

Thanks for rockin with Android more than Apple Unc. Preciate it

PSA (Android users),

Android update is live in the Play Store. Please download and update your current app.

What's new:

[Fixed] - App aesthetics (Gifs, fonts, hashtags, media modal, padding, margins, spacings etc..)
[Fixed] - Android media upload issues for version 13+
[Added] - App color theme change

**iOS update is currently pending review in App store.

Thank you

#blkem #androidapp #IOS

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I have a Samsung s21 ultra on Android 13. I can add media now with this update, but its add my photos twice for some reason 1l🤷🏾‍♂️

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

I have a pixel- running android 13, and I can now upload images from the app 🥹.

PSA (Android users),

Please download this test apk and check to make sure the image upload is working. Some users with version 13+ have been seeing issues with the media upload.

Let us know if it's working so we can make the update live.

Thank you

#blkem #androidapp

In response Darrius Robertson to his Publication

We are pushing out a fix for that today. Will send apk shortly for Android users to test before we make it live

In response J. C. Bailey to his Publication

Not sure why it's mot working on website. Please clear cache and restart browser. For android, you may have version 13+. We will push and update on Monday for this fix.

In response J. C. Bailey to his Publication

You're team android? Also..what size is the image?

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