Black Men need to be this confident rocking their fake Akon fades.

Where’s the civilized Akon discussion taking place here cause I’m not trying to continue the Diaspora War here but damn. He said that without hesitation.

In response Tea ☕️ Time to her Publication

I know it, and we just got here too smh 😪. Alexa, play No Matter by Akon

Gangsta bop by Akon 😂

what’s y’all favorite song that you shouldn’t have been singing as a kid? 😂 mine oochie Wally 😭🤣

United States of Africa ?

MUST WATCH, Akon Call Africans and Diaspora to UNITE, Otherwise Africa will be WEAK forever || Make Africa Great

MUST WATCH, Akon Call Africans and Diaspora to UNITE, Otherwise Africa will be WEAK forever, - YouTube

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We are entering into a new era and Akon City is a Big example of this change....The agenda of America is being moved Globally it is really a New World Order and those caught up in the Matrix will not even see it coming..... Also this Covid 19 has Completly changed DNA permently for those even the Vaccines you are vulnerable to being neurologically controlled as well as your offspring.THe pilgrim have the technology to be in Mellanated peoples bodies and control think we have won the battle but untill you remember who you are we have already lost.....They will use our bodies as a pup

Africa News 2/2

#zambia 2,500 villagers to be compensated by British mining company

#senegalese artist #akon signs mining deal in #drc

Mass protests against government

#france and its mingling in africa : wants to train teachers in #ivorycoast
, its role in #rwanda genocide needs to be revisited

#Uganda #bobiwine vs the government

#ebola is back in the picture #guinea #congo

Also: News from #Mali #Nigeria #ethiopia #tigray #senegal #southafrica #algeria

#Africa #africaunite #africanews #africannews #africanleaders #news #africaisthefuture

"GOOD NEWS, Akon to Invest in Mining in Congo DRC, The Awakening of Africa"

In response Unc Dave to his Publication

What are your thoughts on Akons City of Technology being built? Hope its not a lab experiment. Where Akon is being used as the face to further currupt black communities under Chinas hands.

I hope its all real and no strings atatched. You got to think the worse now to prepare for possible negatives hidden agendas and greed/power interests.

Again, White media is silent on the 1,000 African migrants left afloat at sea in Greece.

Akon tells ADOS to go build in Africa. Meanwhile Africans are fleeing their home countries to escape what?

Click the link to read more:

Akon stated that Black Americans need to move past slavery and need to return home where we are no longer the minority. My question is where is home for us ADOS? What country are we to return to? Do we have family waiting for us with open arms? I feel that it is difficult for ADOS to allow our African brothers and sisters to speak on the Black American experience.

What do you guys think? Should us ADOS move pass slavery? Click the link for a snippet of the Vlad (Jewish interviewer)

Singer Akon awarded a $6 billion construction contract to build #AkonCity in Senegal! The city will run on #Akoin cryptocurrency.

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