Sometimes the greatest thing you can DO for YOUR PEOPLE is to have the ability to say I did MY PART. If we all just do OUR PART nothing can get in the way. BLACK ACCOUNTABILITY

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What is from others as a people do many of us claim that we want, that we can't do or provide for ourselves as a people? #Blackpowerwithpurpose

...weapons have been smuggled into Haiti from the US in shipping containers. Who would send guns to a nation already engulfed in civil war and violence?

What the US has Sown in Haiti they will Reap in Rural and Suburban America

Want to take a deeper dive into directing for TV? Join the Black TV & Film Collective for The Download featuring married directors Deondray & Quincy LeNear Gossfield (“The Chi,” “Flames”)!

Wed. August 10th at 7:30 PM ET sit at the virtual table with us!


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Put yourself in the position to be able to tell people NO that's a position of power the more NO's you give the more people will value and seek your YES'S.

We don't have to be the face all the time let's be the MUSCLE meaning nothing moves without US moving it.

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Previously, we mentioned a little bit about the Blkem Eco-System

The first step to creating such system relies heavily on the “Safety and Security” aspect.

We have the boots on the ground section, and the app feature is 80% complete.

Working on logistics…

MoT #197 The Power Of Persistence - YouTube

As we free our minds from the failed patterns of the last 3 generations we have to dedicate ourselves to the one force that conquers all: persistence.CashApp...

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