...weapons have been smuggled into Haiti from the US in shipping containers. Who would send guns to a nation already engulfed in civil war and violence?

What the US has Sown in Haiti they will Reap in Rural and Suburban America https://afromerica.com/afr...

Never ask someone if they’re ‘healed’, ask if they are taking proper measures towards healing. If they are you support them. But not all ppl are so be careful


We hope everyone is doing well and we thank those who continue to make the effort, to engage on the timeline, knowing that we are still building the foundation to where Blkem will "evolve" from

Even with low activity on the timeline, Blkem is on the way to "differentiate" from the rest, which will put more eyes on us. Something, that has NEVER been done before, even amongst the other Black Owned Networks out there.

Blkem's model will be shifting to an Ecosystemic approach, moving forward.

The idea is still in its primitive stage...

#blkem #blkemecosystem

To know who got your back your going to have to turn your back towards them. What's worth having must be tested!

Be wary #blkem fam. There are bots on here already. They're up to no good.

As a certified massage therapist, even though I haven’t started working yet since I graduated in 2020, I really look forward to getting into this field. I plan on working at a spa, but eventually getting into sports massage and maybe even equestrian massage. 🏋🏿‍♂️🚴🏿⛹🏿‍♂️🐎

warning part of the video has bright strobing lights starting at 10:07.

bobby brown and the gothic romance novel? yes they can go hand in hand. check out my you choose, i react series episode where i dive deep into an old bobby brown song called feelin' inside. since this was also made in the 90s i count this apart of my 90s black babybat segway to goth series as well. the goth life includes exploring other dark themed songs.

Thanks for watching my video,commenting your thoughts and opinions, and liking!

ko-fi: ko-fi.com/jessinking
cash app, $j

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Sounds good family! Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon

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especially if any superiors are aware but see it as a non-issue

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im assuming warrior type energy. danergous to the enemy

I agree with this entire post, but at the same time we have got to be real careful about being lukewarm. Having one foot in & one foot out. Being of God but at the same time of this World. You will literally never win that way. Emotionally, physically & spiritually your being will be compromised when you try to live a double life. God is about logic. You can’t tell ppl “come back to God & Love” when you’re doing things that is opposite to Love & God. How can God protect you if you aren’t making the effort to protect yourself?

For those who missed the information session today, here's the link to the recording that you can listen to.

Good information discussed

Be warned...It's about 2 hours long 😂

#blkem #B1 #joinblkem

Always be aware of them who say they 'are trying to help you' yet you did not ask for it. This is a set up for you to be used, a trap of dependency and also to keep you in a position of perpetual subservience" Kuwpa

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Yea, that’s what I’ve decided to do. It could be an issue with the hardware. I’ve had it since 2015 back when they were still cheap 😭

Getting warmer. So brothers, please be wary. There will be so-called damsels lurking and waiting to get a Black Man locked up or killed. Some of them are also your aunts, cousins and sisters. Surround yourself around sisters that love and respect Black Men.

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