These murderous demons are lying to us ... they are placating us while they perfect a method to kill us in astounding numbers with their race-based virus and they can blame it on COVID. This is also the reason for the continued lie that COVID is affecting Black people more than any other people.

I live in a small town with about 100 relatives, old, young, pregnant, and post menopausal. Not a single person in my family has been affected by COVID! Please respond if you and your family have been so blessed.

I said last week for all our people in govt jobs to just wait it out bc those who see this vaccine as The Mark of the Beast, will just quit or retire early. This will leave the U.S. govt decimated! It will be impossible to hire and train the hundreds of thousands who will be needed to replace those workers! IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT THE RACE-BASED VIRUS IS COMING NEXT! DO NOT TAKE THIS JAB!#Covid19

Trump Supporters sent out Racist Robo-Calls to hundreds of thousands of Black Voters in Swing States, fined $5 Million Dollars!

FCC Clobbers Trump-Supporting Activists Over Racist Robocalls - YouTube

Rachel Maddow reports on two Trump-supporting conservative activists, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman who were charged with targeting tens of thousands of Black ...


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"anarchism is not a romantic fable

but the hardheaded realization,

based on five thousand years of experience,

that we cannot entrust the management of our lives

to kings, priests, politicians, generals and county commissioners" #quote

"We are being subjected to a death of a thousand cuts

and most of us don't even realize it" #quote

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Replied to Thomas Bush's Post

I fully agree with you Crime/enslavement stories seem to get the most funding in movies/series while in the news our trauma is displayed most during election years to sway voters. Thats why I think its so important that we create our own production companies to control the narrative. I would really like to see someone like spike lee recreate something like the spook who sat at the door for current times or jordan peele make something about mansa Musa. Also on the news front its why I focus more on sharing black owned businesses/organisations more than anything because money talks

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"Oppressors use counter-accusations to confuse, distract and deflect responsibility."#deception tactics

Counter accusations are manipulative deception tactics

to deflect, highjack control of the discussion

and ultimately evade accountability

19 Black families doing for self and building an all Black community in Georgia!

The families bought 500 acres of land in hopes of becoming known as 'Freedom, Georgia, USA'.
Love to see my folks working together. 🤎🤎

I just saw a news reporter interviewing a captured illegal alienfrom Guatamala who says he paid a "coyote" $10,000 to help him get to the USA so he could escapr povrty in Guatamala.
But if there's so much poverty, where the hell does he get $10,000?

Brothers Khalil Muhammad, Malik Zulu, & Quanell X.
Jasper, Texas, USA--June 27, 1998.

"The Jews are the bloodsuckers of the Black nation" -Khalil Abdul Muhammad

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