What does Black America expect from the Biden administration?

How do we grade his work, so far?

Should Black folks avoid presidential politics in 2024?

Our special panel tackles these questions and more on our look at Joe Biden's presidency, 1 year after his election. #thatsthescenario #ThisIsAmerica #BlackRadio #Biden #politics


What happens when you go to bed with one president, and wake up with another?

Would there be an Obama presidency without Bush?

What would've been different if Gore had won in 2000?

Our panel answers these questions and more as we examine the fallout of the 2000 presidential election on this week's episode, "And Nothing Was The Same…" featuring Kellye Bethea, Keena Day, Jason Kyle Luntz, Laini Brown and Leshuan Oliver. #thatsthescenario #ThisIsAmerica #BlackRadio #politics #Race


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