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Friday jr! I love it!

I observed second sunday as often as I can.

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lol yo this hear be having me full af.. lemons gotta be curbing the appetite or sumn 🤷🏽‍♂️but going through sunday.. may finish out January if I'm still feeling good tho

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also she was at church on Sunday ironically lollll

Night night! My friend goes live every Sunday with the most relaxing playlist, so I'll be tapped into that.

Listen here if y'all are in the mood ☺️:

Ghost Rare

Ghost Rare

No I get so upset once Sunday 1pm hit 😩 the day is just over at that point

do y’all ever get stressed/anxious because you know you have work tomorrow? Maybe that’s just me lol

My little sister will be 28 on Wednesday and we started early with a tequila sunrise kind of Sunday.

Next month is 30 for me 🙌🏾

happy Sunday cousins I hope it’s a relaxing yet productive day 🤗

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Not bad at all. Mine was 4 days on, 3 days off. I worked Saturday through Tuesday which was basically Sunday through Wednesday(3rd shift shit you know what I'm talkn bout). I wasn't mad tho. Plus you can schedule things early in the morning and not have to wake up early

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My schedule isn’t that bad I actually like it. Work 2 days off 3, work 3 days off 2 days. I have every other Friday Saturday and Sunday off so if I wanna travel I don’t have to take much time off.

I know it's Tuesday, but my weekend was 50/50. Saturday was restful, while I spent Sunday saving my IG friends from getting scammed by someone who decided to make a fake page of me & having the nerve to call my actual page the fake. I haven't posted in my IG story so much until that day. This person was sending links to my friends trying to get them to click on some damn link. Thankfully I had enough people reporting the page to get it taken down, but the asshole went and made another page. I can't get it removed because there are no images to prove impersonation.

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