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Yessss lol it said that Sunday and changed but I may be exaggerating a tad bit but it feels like it will be over

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Every day of the week and twice on Sunday sir. Do something

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Ran out of tomato memes? Alicia please 😂. We old school so it's no violence on Sunday. The war continues tomorrow...

Good morning everyone!! Happy Sunday! Let's start the week of with a clear mind & ready to take on the last month of the year 🥰💪🏾

Yea knockin out my workout logs for the week on Sunday was the move. This is one less thing i have to do daily this week. More time to focus on piano practice & studio work now. Need to make this a habit. #YupYup

Random Sunday Question:

What level of adulting have you reached??

I planned my entire weekend around this Self Care Sunday🥳 spa treatment, now a light breakfast while I watch The Power on Amazon. It’s good so far check it out

Going to be in ATL during Thanksgiving through Sunday! If any girlies want to link let me know!

It’s been a year since I first met my now girlfriend. 🥺 She met my mom Sunday and she met my boyfriend the beginning of the month. 😭 I said 2023 would be my year and it truly has been.

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday & many blessings rain upon you 🥰🙌🏾💜

Awakened at 5am on a Sunday by shots outside. I open the window and tell ‘em to take it somewhere else. He threatens to shoot me and I tell him I got better aim and the vantage point.
Silence. Yes, I’m a Taurus. Don’t wake us up!

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