In a world full of misinformation and confusion, we like to ask questions first. Especially with topics as sensitive as this. No major outlet has talked about it and it continues to show the disparity in how the league and women’s sports are viewed.
These large platforms have easy and instant access to confirm, deny, or investigate. And that’s how we plan to use our platform.
But they’re silent and aside from us, there are people who are actually concerned. We’re here to deliver, and just like everyone else. #WeJustWantTheFacts #ReadBeforeYouReach
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#GrandRising Here's your #WordOfTheDay
Source: #OxfordDictionary and #Thesaurus

#UseItInASentence : “Desire for land impelled aristocrats and lowborn alike to come to Virginia; those who survived acquired holdings at Indian expense. Colonists assumed that SOVEREIGNTY resided with the company and the King. Indians could not or would not see this logic."

#BookReference : #TheOnlyLandTheyKnew : The Tragic Story of the American Indians of the South
Author: #JLeitchWrightJr
#OneBookOneWordAtATime #ReadBeforeYouReach

Here's your #WordOfTheDay Source: Oxford American
#UseItInASentence : “When you come to grips with the enormous power at your disposal and earnestly put it to work, not only will you have dominion over this earth, as is your diving charge, but you will reach new heights and possibilities. This power–your inner spark– comes as standard equipment. But it must be fanned into a flame of white-heat intensity before the mental processes will be transformed into physical manifestation." #BookReference : #thinkandgrowrich #ABlackChoice Author(s): #DennisKimbro Napoleon Hill #ReadBeforeYouReach

#GrandRising Word Of The Day Source: Oxford Dictionary
“The process of DECODING a power system and its culture is a necessary first step to achieve behavioral mastery over that system/culture. The attainment of such mastery is an essential step in the process of total liberation for the victims who wish to end that oppression and regain their self-respect and mental health."
#BookReference :#TheIsisPapers: Author: Dr.#FrancesCressWelsing #ReadBeforeYouReach #blkem

Grand Rising, #WordOfTheDay Source: Oxford American
"... general counsel of the Housing and Home Finance Agency, stated that the decision did not apply to housing. In 1955, President Eisenhower's housing administrator told a congressional committee that the government should not "move to PRECIPITOUSLY" to eliminate racial segregation from federal programs. The administration formally abolished a policy (it had never been enforced) that African Americans and whites receive public housing of equal quality. "
#BookReference : #TheColorOfLaw Author: Richard Rothstein #ReadBeforeYouReach #Blek

#GrandRising #WordOfTheDay
Source: Ballentine's Legal Dictionary
“... The Nixon administration was embroiled in the Watergate scandal, and in October, OPEC initiated an oil EMBARGO that would soon result in long lines of angry motorists at gas stations across the country... A typical worker–that is, production and nonsupervisory workers in the private sector, representing well over half the American workforce–earned about $767 per week in 1973... A full four decades later, a similar worker earns just #664 ...”
#BookReference : Rise Of The Robots Author: Martin Ford #ReadBeforeYouReach

#OxfordAmerican "...we will have many choices to make regarding economic development, politics, education, and our places of worship. Our traditional INSTITUTIONS must accept the double responsibility of educating and psychologically conditioning Blacks to take calculated business risks and compete in areas other than sports and entertainment. Our INSTITUTIONS should help us practice the process of collecting information and assessing it through a set of principles, then making an informed decision, taking a calculated risk. " #PowerNomics #DrClaudAnderson #ReadBeforeYouReach

Source: #OxfordAmerican #Dictionary

#UseItInASentence :
"To further complicate and darken the picture, the commercial banks held stock shares in each of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks, which mislead many into assuming that the Federal Reserve System was " privately owned". In fact, the stock shares were a VESTIGIAL feature of System membership that confused and excited #Populist critics, but had virtually no critical meaning..."

#BookReference : #SecretsOfTheTemple :
#author : William Greider


Committing myself to organizing and ACTING on every goal that I PLAN to achieve. The ultimate goal is to liberate those of the African diaspora through an in-depth analysis of this system of oppression.

#CrossReferencing and connecting the dots through the reads for the month. It's all connected.

#ReadToUnderstand then you can teach.


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