Mobile app update:

We will be pushing out another update for the mobile app, both iOS and Android, later this week or next week.

Some changes and updates:

1. Video player visual and functional revamp
2. Profile page make over
3. Timeline Post menu, messages, profile and notifications menu update
4. Hashtags and @ name inline with text
5. Image distortions in link and video fetch
6. Update photo capture screen
7. Link fetch in new post screen update
8. Link fetch in messages
9. More improvements

Thank you!!

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Mobile App update:

Android version 1.0.8 is live in the Play Store. Please update your app.

iOS version 1.0.13 is pending review - Will inform once accepted

Changes to these versions:

1. You can now edit your Profile Settings on Mobile App. Some settings functions that are on the website are temporarily hidden on mobile app for now.

2. Bug and UI fixes.

Thank you

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Mobile App Update:

Both iOS and Android have been updated in their respective stores. Please update your app.

We will continue to push updates so eventually we will be out of Beta testing.
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Mobile App Update:

We uploaded Android to the Play Store. There’s a few fixes and updates that were done such as link fetch, YT video play on timeline, @ and # fetch, Gallery option etc

Please update your app.

iOS to follow with App Store upload.
#blkem #B1

Yesterday, we pushed out an update for Android. Today, we pushed out same update for iOS.

We conducted some bug fixes to a few changes for stability.

More to come…

Please update your mobile app

#blkem #B1 #blkemapp

Mobile app update:

For Android Beta testing, please download the app via this link.

#blkem #B1 #androidapp

Mobile app update:

For iOS Beta testing, please download the app via this link. Some of you should have the test flight application already. Just refresh or visit this link.

Android Beta testing is still pending review.

#blkem #B1

Mobile app update:

We have relaunched and uploaded the Blkem's Android Mobile App to the Play Store. It's currently in review.

This is in BETA MODE, so some noticeable issues may arise when using the app. This Beta is updated and better than the previous one. Some functions will also be missing such as link fetch, video fetch, video upload etc.. but we will be adding those shortly.

Once approved, we will post the link to the app.

iOS app upload will take place tomorrow as we have a few more steps to take.

Thank you for your patience.

#blkem #B1

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