In response Mrs Grippy to her Publication

Certainly. You’d think they’d pull back on excessive police funding and establish sustainable communities considering the growing population. They’re going out of their way to be backwards and wrong.

In response Bri Baybee to his Publication

I will let the police know they’ve got 48 hours… After that, don’t even worry about it.

I’m sorry, but if the police isn’t stepping for my child IM DOING THE STEPPING. I’ll gather my bail money, put my child in the custody of someone I trust, and IM STEPPING! Ain’t no way.

In response Key Era to her Publication

Hope you have so much fun and drive safe!

Also, I swear this is not a judgement or stereotype based on you, but more of an random intuitive message thing I received this morning that might apply?

Pls don’t let anyone drive who doesn’t have a legit license, the police will be out and on point today. So don’t take any risks while driving today.

In response Mattalin Searcy to her Publication

I feel you…it all starts at home and then..the community. Downtown should be a place to enjoy, not see police everywhere you go.

In response Dave Bowen to his Publication

They’ve added more police, metal detectors and enforced a curfew for minors but it’s only so much that can do. They are trying though

In response Dave Bowen to his Publication

The people. There’s a lack of safety even with the police presence.

In response Alicia Brayboy to her Publication

Apparently so! Digital trail confirms that this is the 3rd/4th attack by a man, with no police records to apprehend them but always a gofundme acct setup to help her. I don’t know what to make of it but it saddens me to say the least if this is true.

Instead of simply stepping out of the way of the car, the officer felt it necessary to kill the woman and according to police protocol, killing the woman was an acceptable response.

In response Alicia Brayboy to her Publication

This is WILD! Of course they’re investigating because it’s a police shooting… But apparently he’s struggled with anger/mental instability for a while.

YALL! Found out the craziest thing…one of my patients was shot by police after a domestic dispute. When police arrived apparently he had just stabbed his wife up and after a struggle he stabbed an officer. Not even 30 y/o. 🙁

Noticed a higher police presence in my area. They already replaced my fridge and stove with silver appliances, replaced the counter with marble, and replaced the counters. They getting ready to increase this rent really quick

TIRED 😔😔! He had NO MOTIVE expect he HATED US ! But, it’s no racism, ALM, and police brutality doesn’t exist.

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