The world can plainly see the evil happening to Black men in America, but evangelical preachers would just as well justify these assassinations using the word of God.

In A Christian Nation, Police are Ministers of God who Murder Black Men

In response Scenario Radio Show to his Publication

This is the injustice Black Americans face in the US. Police forces are infested with White Supremacists & the DOJ knows it. Do they address it, confront it, or penalize White Supremacist police officers? No. They give them MORE money and MORE resources to keep doing what they're doing.

In response Dave Mudroots to his Publication

Yeah, it sounds like you are saying the government (or maybe anyone) can’t police what people do with their body. I understand the thought, but we strongly differ when the impact expands beyond self. I’ve had this convo with Libertarians and we just aren’t going to agree.

In response Deon Dee to his Publication

both can be, but im telling you its deeper than just money, corruption or even race. They are slave catchers. Thats what they started as and the job description never really changed. Kill anything melanated, escalate fear, push agendas (gun control, police brutality, etc), Repeat

Heavy on throw all that was involved under the prison b/c without their involvement this might have been avoided. Tbh so much could have been done by the police to avoid this.

My patience,I no longer have any. Why don’t they turn this into a RICO case and arrest whoever supplied the gun, armor, and the car…Idc, throw all the mf in prison, under the prison. I’m so fed up. They just can’t leave us alone. 10 innocent lives...I feel so powerless

Huey P Newton said: "When the masses hear that a Gestapo policeman has been executed while sipping coffee at a counter, and the revolutionary executioners fled without being traced, the masses will see the validity of this kind of resistance" in short, FACTSSSSS

I dont have much to say about the shooting, as nothing they do surprises me anymore. What i will say is street justice must be overrated now cause where tf is it when you need it? We'd be foolish to keep thinking playing along with them is gonna get us anywhere. I vote for war 🤷🏾‍♂️

He sees something society is obviously ignoring. Police kill by any means necessary...

The police are nothing more than hired killers by white men who fear losing power to a generation of brown people.

Somehow, they always get the cops to assist in lying on folks....Expect a lot more of this foolishness from white folks. All they have left is shame and gun power. They are no longer humane enough to associate with any people of color who are not white. They are reprobate in mind, (removed from God) and believe the things they do is "honky dory," when in fact it is insane.

This message is to all police officers and hateful whites who have killed Black men or women, or are conspiring to in the future; who have abused, beat, harassed or falsely accused or arrested people of color and gotten away with it by the court's consent;

Over 50% has gone unreported...this is shameful.

Deaths from police violence undercounted by U.S. government

Passenger taped to seat after attacking flight attendants on flight to Miami, police say || The Real Spark

Passenger taped to seat after attacking flight attendants on flight to Miami, police say - YouTube

(Flight Attendant Speaks) Passenger Taped To Seat After Attacking Flight Attendants On FlightWelcome to Spark Nation where you will be entertained by Comedy,...

White Police Officer Explains Why Blacks Are Being Killed. Gospel truth!!!... Out

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