Yes! I do gold charm bracelets too! Don't be fooled by retail chains that overprice their jewelry so much so that you have to buy one charm at a time and build your bracelet over an extended period of time. If you look at Pandora's FAQ section, you will see that their charms are made in Thailand. If you click on their craftsmanship page, you will see that all of their charms are made with gold, silver, but they have alloy in them. My charms do as well. They are not solid gold or silver and I get my charms from the exact same place (as well as other places in Asia.)

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Like most FADS sone just say it because it's trending but very few recognize the significance in which it shoukd be used. I am prayerful that it replaces BITCH ...A word the community i took way to far and had young girls referring to themselves by a derogatory word i which they never realized hiw much it devalued them

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Joining the Public Figure - Instagram life!
Expect pictures ... A lot of pictures:

-#food gallores 🍍🍣🦐

-#blackowned clothes and accessories, dressed on "MOI" ✂️👗🧥

-#Places for baecation 🎠👑🧘🏾

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Welp you want to talk about looking for Love in all the wrong places...Hard to find it in the cemetery....🤣🤣

There is alot of talk in Black spaces and places about our need for healing. I have spent 20+ years cracking the code on what it takes to heal and transform US. Haaling emotional blocks is faster and simpler than you may realize. Stop suffering and start transforming.

Check it out at


There is alot of talk in Black spaces and places about our need for healing. I have spent 20+ years cracking the code on what it takes to heal and transform US so that we can become all that we are capable of. Check it out at

#blackowned #buyblack#blackempowerment#blackpower#BlackWealth#blackbusiness

#OxfordAmerican "...we will have many choices to make regarding economic development, politics, education, and our places of worship. Our traditional INSTITUTIONS must accept the double responsibility of educating and psychologically conditioning Blacks to take calculated business risks and compete in areas other than sports and entertainment. Our INSTITUTIONS should help us practice the process of collecting information and assessing it through a set of principles, then making an informed decision, taking a calculated risk. "#PowerNomics #DrClaudAnderson #ReadBeforeYouReach

New Moon is coming 🌑✨

Best time for healing the liver
We’re entering the spring equinox . Gotta get spiritually aligned..

Do not direct your energy’ into the wrong places.:.
#333 mind ,body & spirit must be Aligned if you plan to live#Divine🌻✨ #ASÉ

" many seem to forget to include: The abolition of slavery in the Americas and other places is owed to the economy and not the morality [..]The slave system was increasingly inefficient and unproductive as noted by the economist Adam Smith." Tidiane N'diaye.

"The difference today is that we have the comfort of working in a postcolonial world and economic and cultural interdependence, where the movement of people, ideas, and discoveries in real time, prevents falsification of the history of other. " Tidiane N'diaye.
Read about the Arab slave trade :

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we weren't even front of the line this time. healthcare workers and the elderly were. In places where multiple generations of black people died in the same household and the activists and local black politicians TRIED to help like in Dallas, Texas... the state government essentially said "if you try to prioritize poor people we just wont give Dallas ANY vaccines at all". By your logic. this behavior in fact tells you what you need to know. The vaccine has not even been given to black people in the same numbers.

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im ready because 90% of the money circualting are digital anyway. we've aready got accustomed to being able to access our money whenever we want through the apple of google wallet and being able to tap and go without the need to use the credit card. It's a process that is not pushed, but id slowly being implemented in the society. you have places in japan that have already started using digital currency such as bitcoin.

Antigua, Guatemala is just a really special place! its by far one of my favorite places! She was blessing me, but trying to sell me the scarf too! lol

#BlackPeopleTravelToo #BlackPeopleTravel #BlackPeopleWithPassports #BlackBackpackers #SoloTravelers #BlackSoloTravelers #Guatemala #Antigua

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That is truly devastating, i really hope your state helps the people because this is truly a crisis. my friends and i are gathering donations. i will be in Houston next week. Are there places you can recommend to me where i can volunteer? i doubt people may need help next week but i still want to help my community

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