3. This way, you are NOT resisting nor refusing to obey/comply with their orders/demands/ policy/questions, because it is now your WILL to perform WITH THE CONDITION that payment is with you immediately, because you have NO CONFIDENCE with them administrating YOUR trust!

THEY HAVE COLLAPSED THE PUBLIC TRUST...so stop issuing them credit.
PS-Be the polite BUSINESS man with your trustees and rebut their presumptions.....by


2. and that any further communicating with you, is with them accepting the terms & conditions of the commercial contract IN THE PRIVATE (the cop and their CHIEF and their POLICE UNION is now with PERSONAL liability.... because Notice-to-Agent-is-Notice-to-Principal... and also through adhesion contract(JOINDER)...and they also lose their qualified immunity).


1. THE TRUST IS COLLAPSED....in other words, you are no longer granting any more credit.
If the policeman is not lawfully investigating the crime on behalf of the male/female victim and is entering YOUR company jurisdiction without you summoning them, then would it not be advisable to be politely placing YOUR public-servants/trustees under your notification that you charge $911 per hour for YOUR time and also $777 for YOUR performance....

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