#PRIDE is a CAPITAL SIN BC IT ALWAYS BRINGS ONE OF THE OTHER 7 DEADLY SINS WITH IT: greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth

1) When you are alone, mind your thoughts.
2) When you are with your friends, mind your tongue.
3) When you are angry, mind your temper.
4) When you are with a group, mind your behaviour.
5) When you are in trouble, mind your emotions.
6) When God starts blessing you, mind your ego.

Pride is not just one of the 7 deadly sins, it is a CAPITAL VICE bc it ALWAYS brings one of the other vices along with it.
Gay and LGBTQ activists speak out against the demonic trans agenda which is worshipping the demon, Baphomet.

Pride is a ‘celebration of perversion’ - YouTube

Spiked Online’s Brendan O’Neill says Pride has become about celebrating all sexualities – even those that are “obviously perverted and degraded”.“What Pride ...

I’m glad I wore my best fit to pride (shoes pending), cause my ex was def looking. 😌 Enjoy my shadow babe! 🥰

At the hospital😬 not in pain rn but Spirit told me to swallow my pride & listen to the ones that care for me & get checked

I think it’s attractive when a man admits he doesn’t know something & makes the effort to research it. Instead of acting like he knows everything or feeling embarrassed & prideful bc he doesn’t

I'll delete hatred, jealousy, unfairness, pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, laziness, and color (Everyone will be viewed as a human first before seeing a color)

this is a safe space. tell us why its yt ppl on the low?

Imagine if everyone went to work loving what their job title consists of & actually take pride in the job title that they wanted to be since they were kids.. It'll be better everything. Better service, better results, people will have more patience.. #IfEyeRuledTheWorld

I came across a twitter thread that was reposted on IG and a person in the comments was saying how much they love Black twitter, which makes sense to say b/c the thread came from Black twitter. But a yt person decided to respond to their comment and say that it was "Only Twitter." MIND YOU that the IG account that reposted this was a black pride page so they shouldn't have been there in the first place but then to comment with such ignorance is insane. But that's my TedTalk for today, sorry I know it was kind of lengthy ?.

I'm just going to take a minute to say how much I love this platform! I can literally come on here and say what I feel about something and not have to worry about a nonblack person trying to make me feel like my thoughts or feelings don't matter. Black twitter is a gem but it lacks the privacy that the black community needs to discuss something or to create w/out having to worry about it being the latest trend for other races the next week.

The mission of decolonization is not yet accomplished ! Africans need to be in charge of africas future. We should build our countries instead of using thousands of hard earned dollars to send our people to the west. We should take pride in our languages and cultures. And we should stop big companies from acquiring a lot of land , exploiting it and hardening the situation for locals.We should stop fight each other because of ethnicities, looks and religion. While we are distracted with nonsense others keep profiting on our land and destroying it in the meantime. #africafortheafricans

I really take pride into helping my sisters and brothers in any way that I can be of assistance. It really annoys me to see our own ppl putting the tax game down on us in order for us to advance in life financially, mentally, physically and spiritually. All these scam artists be scamming us for their own personal gain by using their skin color don't go unnoticed to the Creator. God hate taxation..

When you swallow your pride and text first after an argument & you see "seen" with no reply your pride will be like, "See I told yo dumb ass not to say shit" ???

In response Site Admin to his Publication

Agreed. Disagreeing disrepectfully is about Pride. Time to self-examine ourselves to make sure that is not us. A very wise person said "pride commeth before destruction". We are all in to win. Right?

Nahblkpride101 is the real mvp for promoting blkem ??? if she wasn't in that thread on twitter I would've never been this hyped?

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