Happy #selfcaresaturday Ashira Tribe. You ARE the power. Own it!
In 711 AD an Islamic Moor named Umma Hakim fought alongside the great warrior Tariq Bin Ziyad (the battle scene is in Ashira's World: The Queen of Heaven Returns) to bring peace, love and unity to Spain, torn apart by the brutal tyranny of the Conquistadors.

How do we end war in nations, gangs, and families? Lay down our weapons. We can and will have peace if each of us takes these steps. It will spread from heart to heart.
#Africa #africandiaspora #blackowned #BlackOwnedBusiness #blackgirlmagic #blkem #Moors

In response Reaghan Costner to her Publication

this is a critique on the conscious community in general, i happen to have close ties to Moors. the conscious community lacks foresight and the gumption to put semantics and differences aside for the sake of the unconscious and the community as a whole. that person is not very logical, but its not a reflection of the entire group.

In response Zee Dayo to her Publication

its a semantic argument. Moors (myself included) would argue that there are no "black people", because black is an adjective that 1. etymologically, actually means pale 2. is a legal fiction which strips people of rights in the U.S. and other jurisdictions with this status 3. is a form of "paper genocide" used to disconnect us from ties to actual landmasses. Instead Moors identify with the ancient and modern civilizations who were known as Moors, Muurs, Mauritanians, Moros, etc.

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