I’ve been seeing a lot of interracial relationship discourse online lately.

”How do you feel about interracial marriage?”

Well, my great grandmother was a 1st gen freed woman. That means her mama was a slave. My grandma was born in 1923, and my mama in 1961.

Family history.

It’s the rising of Black marriages for me🥺😭😭. Love that for us❤️

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An American Marriage was a good, pretty sad though.

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im only doing that marriage shit once! and im FASHO not on no baby momma time.. either you gone sit yo ass down and be my wife or you can forget about me shootin the club up ?

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I usually don't trip on interracial marriage if it doesn't involve bashing our people. But for the sake of protecting the authenticity of Garvey's work, I see it as being a bit problematic. He's a sacred figure in our history. Everything, from the casting to the production team (which at the forefront doesn't include us as engineers of this project), should be based on Garvey's teachings; self-sufficiency and promoting our people through our platforms. For us, by us. This is another mass money grab through the prostitution of Black/AA history and culture.

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