#MalcolmX said that all Black people should be trained in #Karate and #Judo to defend ourselves. What measures do you take to defend yourselves and your people. This is not a challenge, I'm just curious what skill sets we have here. For me #boxing and #BrazilianJujitsu #BJJ

#RevolutionaryIntercession "Some areas of the African continent became independent faster than other areas. I noticed that in the areas where independence had been gotten, someone got angry. And in the areas where independence had not been achieved yet, no one was angry... When you and I develop that type of anger and speak in that voice, then we’ll get some kind of respect and recognition, and some changes from these people who have been promising us falsely already for far too long." - #MalcolmX #MississippiFreedomDemocraticParty Harlem Rally, December 1964

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