In response Shun Williams to his Publication

Well I can only go off of personal interactions I’ve had with Muslims & their way of life since I haven’t studied much of Islam on my own. But with Christianity it never sat right with me that Jesus was THEE God and the only light, truth & way to heaven. I find Christians to be very judgmental & one sided & the fact that the Bible has been edited many times for obvious reasons is also suspect. Whereas Muslims are more disciplined & respecting of the Creator & the men honor their women from what I’ve seen

In response Shun Williams to his Publication

Did your life get better when you stopped believing in God or religion? I only ask cause my life got better once I stopped following Christianity & delved more into Spirituality & while on my spiritual journey I’ve met a lot of great Muslims which made me want to look into Islam. I see God in everything around me. God is Creation. God is the Creator. God to me is order, justice and peace. He’s given us the blueprint through His Books i.e the Bible & Quran but Man, with their free will has created hell on Earth. That ain’t Gods fault tho.

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There was a survey in France and they asked : “For each category, do you think there is too many of them in France ?” And between 40 to 50% of French people think there is too many Romanians, Maghrebians, and Muslims in the country, and 1/4 think there is too many black people

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