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😭🥹 I appreciate it. Honestly Imma share my location with friends and family and if anything feels odd, I'm skedaddling🤞🏾☺️

In response Clarène Klarke to her Publication

Wait cousin these actually work !? … keep us posted and the on your location just in case we gotta pop up

Crazy how you can simply look at someone’s face and tell what caused their breakout just from the location of the pimple. Same with a headache, the region of the ache will tell you exactly what you’re lacking.

🤣 out here exploring. Still, you will not have my location lol

POV: me pushing all the buttons after the update

if you decide to post your location always post AFTER you have left that destination and no longer there !!

We must graduate from the notion that we must support black-owned businesses to one of supporting black-owned businesses that are black-invested: location, hiring, internships, sponsorships, scholarships, etc. Made in Korea? ❌ Use nb media, advertisers, producers or models? ❌

Idk if we all agreed on a travel location yet. But if we choose Vegas or Mexico we should go to Meow Wolf💜

I thought she was just awkward so I was being nice until she asked for my location lol

same with flights, idc how I get there long as it’s safely. I’ll ride a magic carpet to the location. I’m bigger on experiencing as much as possible after I touch down. I’ll spend wte on a good time.

my birthday is July 24th and want to experience a new country for it. I’m looking for a beautiful, lively location that’s safe enough for solo travel. I’ve already been to Mexico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas… any suggestions ?

When you’re the reason a Starbucks location doesn’t have any of your tea left in stock lol. FIXIT!! Lol hurry up and restock. idc.

New Year, New Gym. Since the #YouFitGyms keep closing the locations near me, made the decision it's time to switch over to #GoldsGymWillow . #YupYup

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So, I’m 10mins away from the location and already I’ve been hit with the “sorry, I’m running late”.
Absolute pet peeve of mine is non punctual people 😭

I’m giving everybody my location idc . y’all gone know where I’m at , AT ALL TIMES!


When talking about community safety, we all we got. Blkem in collaboration with New Era Detroit will focus on community safety.

We’re hoping by Spring 2023, we can launch this service and see the good that transpires.

#blkem #neweradetroit #safezonemobile

🥹 it really is! lol I feel comfortable enough to share information on here, that I wouldn’t DARE share on the bird app! lol like my location, for instance! like… stop asking me where I stay! 🙄 I just can’t let them go yet, because I use them for shopping & home ideas as well!

facts this is home!

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