These murderous demons are lying to us ... they are placating us while they perfect a method to kill us in astounding numbers with their race-based virus and they can blame it on COVID. This is also the reason for the continued lie that COVID is affecting Black people more than any other people.

I live in a small town with about 100 relatives, old, young, pregnant, and post menopausal. Not a single person in my family has been affected by COVID! Please respond if you and your family have been so blessed.

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Thank you and yes we are live streaming to an audience of about 300 curretly and overall reach of about 1800 weekly. I am a black owned telecommunications company but as usual when it came to advice in the past they (the church)sought out white companies to spend their money with. I didn't charge them a dime to build this station but they had to buy the lion's share of the equipment. I have some money tied to the project but i did that in lieu of tithing. I am a member and ordained minister of this church but perhaps I have found a new purpose for my talent.

"anarchism is not a romantic fable

but the hardheaded realization,

based on five thousand years of experience,

that we cannot entrust the management of our lives

to kings, priests, politicians, generals and county commissioners" #quote Join the conversation in the live chat with beloved Lisa Cabrera and family.#B1 #cutthecheck #Reparations

Sen. Tom Cotton Upset Over Biden's UN Invite On Racism - YouTube

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If you dont like your REALITY why would you live in it? What story are you telling yourself ?

Best way to live forever is to leave a little piece of yourself in the people and things that will be here after you are gone.

Stop telling public figures how to live and respond to disrespect! W/Mechee X

Stop telling public figures how to live and respond to disrespect! W/Mechee X - YouTube

Black owned gun company:https://kfostactical.comFREE STOCKS: business course:https://www.therealmec...

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There is plenty of blame to go around ... but please remember that Black girls were also raised in homes without fathers. Growing up without a strong father figure in the home usually meant that little Black girls look for validation that they are pretty, worthy of love and care, and that they have a right to be comfortable in their own skin.

It cuts both ways because the most obvious result for these girls was over-sexualization and hyper-sexualization. Millions of Black girls lost their lives looking for love and acceptance that they never got from their absent fathers.

When youโ€™re done fighting your own, ainโ€™t enough fight left in ya to battle the real enemy! When the black man lost his voice within the black family to the black woman, the enemyโ€™s goal was accomplished! The black home is upside down!๐Ÿ™ƒ
#freedomfighter #blackpatriarchy #backtothebasics #blackleader

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