Narcissist parents will:
Always find a way to judge you
Always find a way to control you
Treat you “better” than their other children as far as material things
Destroy your self esteem
Try to live their life through you
Never admit their faults
Are insensitive
Make everything about themselves
Always seeking validation
& hate being judged

They’re literally the most confusing ppl ever😅

In response Susan Jackson to her Publication

of course I am..... they needed a lil game in their lives, whether they took heed is unlikely judging from their body language

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

There’s a new white guy at work who’s been real friendly and part of me is waiting for the chance to go “You said all lives matter!?” loud asf just to watch him panic.

Life is for the living. So live! Stop worrying and choose to BE Happy! 🙏🏾

yall i real live want a gf but im so afraid to befriend females let alone have sex while not intoxicated. 🤦🏾‍♀️

It's a beautiful day! Live it🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Beautiful backyard made tie-dye shirts available for purchase ❤️👌🏾

In response True Black Power to his Publication

this white man planned and orchestrated an attack in the name of white supremacy And they are trying to play him up an insanity defense took him in Alive after killing 10 people and injuring 3 others this is wild and still not labeling him a terrorist

I was on my twt burner….which may or may not be a stan account 😂 Look at this shit. They just be dickriding/bootlicking. They really tried to all races matter this shit 😭 like?? I’ve lived with and around black ppl my whole life, unless there’s beef, tf is there to worry about?

In response Just Kemi to her Publication

I’m in total agreement. That would require an entirely different mindset to build such a thing and I don’t think we’d live to see it.

It’s my Born Day & I just wanna take myself on a picnic and listen to live music. Where the hell can I do that in Atlanta ?

My patience,I no longer have any. Why don’t they turn this into a RICO case and arrest whoever supplied the gun, armor, and the car…Idc, throw all the mf in prison, under the prison. I’m so fed up. They just can’t leave us alone. 10 innocent lives...I feel so powerless

It's a beautiful day to give the Most high God praise for his mercy upon our lives. Today I'm sharing some Lentil peas fish broth

We can't help them, Bw. Let them go. If it hadn't been this crack-head, it would have been another equally filthy #Neanderthal .

Their self-hate has rotted their souls so badly that our only alternative is to stop giving birth to them. We can't change Bm culture bc we are not a part of it. It is passed down to young men from the diseased minds of older Bm.

Lennon Lacy Lynched Over Relationship With White Crackhead - YouTube

Welcome to my channel Runaway Slave. This channel was created to promote my self-published masterpiece The N-Word Is No Secret In The Service. I wrote this b...

Men like K.S. and those who diefy him have ONLY known strippers and whores all their lives. His platform and many others are trying to lather the sins of whores on all Black women ... and the men who listen to him are also unable to discern a Black women from a ghetto rachet whore .... so they just paint all Bw with the same disgusting brush. Thinking is just too hard for Black men.

Has Kevin Samuels put the final nail in the coffin of black relationships? - YouTube

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