In response Just Kemi to her Publication

I’m looking through the comments like WOW. They are not going to let it rest. We’re looking at at least a 7-10 “Twitter 📰 news” cycle. #KevinSamuels

In response Dani Darling to her Publication

The Black Community’s existing damage is WHAT produced a #KevinSamuels . The brothers took his word as GOSPEL and he passed the way HE projected Black Women would. This should HUMBLE us and make us think. I am not justifying the dragging but he was extremely controversial.

#KevinSamuels did a lot of damage to the black community. still, its pretty discouraging how folks are in mob mode

Twitter done “killED” #KevinSamuels . I ain’t SAYING nothing, I want to make it in……

he was dropping jewels on them bobbleheads


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