Hello everybodyyyyyyyy 🤗🤗🤗🤗
I had therapy today, so I feel great. I also just had porridge from the Jamaican spot (a mix of oatmeal, cornmeal, and banana), and it was 🤤 I normally prefer my mama’s cornmeal porridge, but she got competition now 😮‍💨 how y’all doing today???

"In the words of...Sylvia Wynter, colonialism tried to subject the colonised to its memory,

to see themselves through the hegemonic memory of the colonising centre.” - Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o

- Sylvia Wynter, Jamaican novelist, dramatist, critic, philosopher, born 94 years ago today

Nice little plant at brunch with my Jamaican friends 🇯🇲One love

The US govt imposes it's family values on Jamaica. TBA explains.

8-15-2021: Colonizer Family Values - YouTube

The US govt imposes it's family values on Jamaica. TBA explains. The link to our advertisers survey:https://upenn.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cSkax63htzqf7...

Emotional ?? our first broadcast is LIVE:
- a random cartoon
- three advertisements
-- Graci Noir by Jamaican singer SpiceGraciNoir
-- Phleur Serum by Haitian artistPhyllisiaRoss
-- One Shot marinade sauce by Fergus


#PodcastLicence #AfribeanTV

#dmx passing took a toll on us! So we took a break ...
#Sunday 9th of May 2021 feels like the right day to come back in style ~ on AFRIBEAN Magazine

Will Tariq Nasheed be sued for defamation by a Pot calling the Kettle too black?
Oh Hell NAH ... Not this Foundational Black American, Jamaican Sis. Sit this one out, all the way back to your Island.

Buck Breaking the movie is an interesting discussion. With additional takes on the Mental Issues that can be used. And the one that are supposed to be only abused, according to this lawyer in Miami. We talk

i was really grateful for the help to serve and also assisting with some Jamaican food ordered by my friend from helping U home care

The line outside of Gucci is not only breaching covid protocols but the ancestors are dissappointed smh. Garvey for sho. Black people need to start organizing to become recession proof, pandomonium proof. No worries im already on it because ive been blessed with forward thinking and a loud ancestral voice with a Jamaican accent always guiding me. $1400 once in a blue moon not getting us off the bottom of the economic ladder. that aint closing the wealth gap. thats not building new jobs or ownership opportunities. Yall deserve $1400 a week accumatively

This video reminds me of how the african dances in the diaspora all derived from the motherland. Europeans did their best, but i believe that not all cultural Memories have been removed. I am seeing here some element from dancehallculture in Jamaica #headtop

?Nyau Dance of the Gule Wamkulu Secret Society in Malawi?

Original Video on Youtube:

"Nyau Dance of the Gule Wamkulu Secret Society in Malawi"
Uploaded by : Michael Noel

In response Call Me.. to her Publication

I am yet to travel to a caribbean country jamaica is high on my list though

In response Oluwatobi Bello to his Publication

passport is ordered?. first destination is -------> Jamaica??... And I hear you ! This is the more effective way of learning for me ; I need that hands on experience and to be actively out in the field to really grasp that understanding.

all fun & games till the jamaicans come in & get on yo ass ??? but ik its some fine women with them R&B voices too ?

We need that voice thingy so we can hear what each other sound like ???

The cousins. Some of us are mixed, some are not, we're all Jamaican.

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