Stop Asian hate.

Stop Asian Hate....
Why do you mean by that?
Let me be clear with you...
First of all, that movement sounds crazy..
It gets a lot of attention..

Stop Asian hate..
What do you mean by that?
How about this?
Stop African hate..
Stop moor hate...
Stop Hebrew Israelites hate
Stop aboriginals hate
Stop melaninated people hate...

I forgot we don’t get love...
We don’t get love in America
Don’t tell me about Black Lives Matter
They don’t give a fuck about us...

If you tell me
Stop Asian hate,
I say stop hatin on
Your mothers and fathers
Who gave

Good mornin' family! ????

The Slave Bible. Used to instill obedience and uphold slavery.
Only 232 chapters compared to a normal 1,189 paged Bible.
Written 3 years after the Hatian revolution.
European white slave masters feared an uprising/revolution like in Haiti; therefore, 90% of the Old Testament was removed along with 50% of the New Testament.

The Slave Bible doesn’t include Moses leading the Israelites to freedom, but it does include Joseph’s enslavement in Egypt.

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