Elon Musk’s Hand-Picked Twitter Investors Confirm Some of His Critics’ Worst Fears https://www.msn.com/en-us/...

# I am a master of agricultural Investiture ::: partner with me let’s salvage African Soil :
@ We all we got !
@ African Earth Farms

In response Site Admin to his Publication

As demonstrated by the other replies, the statement is problematic in and of itself for multiple reasons. Definitely better to invest time moving forward instead of getting pulled into an aimless distraction.

Hello, I’m super excited to be here! Currently in a Black Entrepreneurship in the US class at Morehouse and let me tell you, this movement is more important than we know.

Let’s give this platform time to grow and iterate as need be, invest in and support!

Not happy with the Investors taking over small towns in rural south and NC as well as large cities. I get harassing phone calls daily asking me to sell my home, It is affecting senior homeowners like my mom in SC. Also for example the city of Charlotte received Billions to create affordable housing. Hmm all Investors got these bids (who are they? do they look like me) why are the apartments renting at unaffordable rates. Ph and 80% of the homes in my subdivision are owned by investors. Purchased low and selling high, outside of what is affordable to residents in Charlotte. I filed a complaint

Easiest way to find investors for a start up business?

In a world full of misinformation and confusion, we like to ask questions first. Especially with topics as sensitive as this. No major outlet has talked about it and it continues to show the disparity in how the league and women’s sports are viewed.
These large platforms have easy and instant access to confirm, deny, or investigate. And that’s how we plan to use our platform.
But they’re silent and aside from us, there are people who are actually concerned. We’re here to deliver, and just like everyone else. #WeJustWantTheFacts #ReadBeforeYouReach
#CappiePondexter #ChicagoLegend #WNBALege

If you're invested in Crypto/Bitcoin, you are supporting white supremacy...


Punish the wealthy and take away their toys...but hurt not the oil and the wine...

Wall Street ends sharply lower as Delta variant spooks investors https://afromerica.com/afr...

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support black owned... Supporting black is not the problem, so you support a black business.. he puts food on the table... what food is he putting on the table how far does this black pound go? once the person you support gets paid are their looking at their suppliers, are they re investing, are they buy from their own black people.. probably not, they be spending money on nikey, maccy, kfc, gucci, all the money that drains our community so the circulation does not actually mean anything... but hold on... some people will make a lot of money out of it

All I need is Loyal women on my team who are about building generational wealth. I'm doing my music and fighting. Investment in BLKEM and more to come.

Risk takers and women who are health oriented and knowledgeable of growing without allowing life to make you stagnant.

I'm here to give my all too you and build this tribe Mellarazion ????

A tribe full of colors Aboriginal and indigenous alike. Africa, Indians, and Asian, Aztecs ??

1. THE TRUST IS COLLAPSED....in other words, you are no longer granting any more credit.
If the policeman is not lawfully investigating the crime on behalf of the male/female victim and is entering YOUR company jurisdiction without you summoning them, then would it not be advisable to be politely placing YOUR public-servants/trustees under your notification that you charge $911 per hour for YOUR time and also $777 for YOUR performance....

I want black people to trust in Science so to acomplish that, I want more black people with science degrees, doing investigation, explaining biological processes to people that don't understand...

In response Mario ? ? to his Publication

Only invest what you're willing to lose. If you have income coming in, then invest and leave it there. Invest for long term. Don't use apps that have no wallets, such as Robinhood as you would not own actual coins.

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