My mom passed away one week and two days ago. This is one of my favorite pictures of her and I. She hated the color red. Yet, there we were. Lol. She started to hate the color red due to the prevalence of "gang culture" in NYC. Her favorite color was blue. For those of you who are clueless or who possess just a working-knowledge of the inner-workings regarding funeral arrangements...DO YOUR RESEARCH NOW!!! Children, stress this to your parents and parents stress this to your children. Make sure you have a will drawn up and state within that will who will be appointed as your executor. LET ALL

Evangelicals see social justice movements as a threat to the order of capitalist America and the white man’s land of milk and honey they believe God gave to them for being His children, which is a lie.

Why Evangelicals Hate Social Justice Movements https://foundationgospel.c...

I don’t have enough care in the world to hate yt ppl, but they are definitely strange asf (most of them)

The thing that #racistpuppets hate the most is well read Black men/women who use their words and so called laws against them and utilize the same tactics that so called freed them from tyranny. If notice they become the most violent and agitated.

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Dont take this the wrong way but you may be attracting them yourself. Tbh its kinda wack to say that youd switch over to those who hate us just because you cant find a "good man". We need to think about what "good" means. you should know someone before you enter a relationship

Happy Fri-yay, y'all! Whatever you do this weekend, stay safe!

Whatever’s going on in this matrix don’t apply to me. Y’all stay dangerous tho

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Junkies, drunks and just people turning on me. A lot of dramatic bullshit and much more, snakes in the family, lies and secrets, true colors being revealed, too much to even talk about. Its whatever, everything falls into place eventually and those who do wicked shall be wicked

So to anyone who hasn't heard it or been told through text, phone, letter or whatever, I love you and I'm so proud of you. Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whatever your goals are, you WILL achieve them and you WILL succeed. So it is, so it shall be 💙💚🖤💜

Sis did her thang or whatever.✨ Retwisted me right up. 😭

I support it King! 💪🏾 I think it’s dope. If the white labels can do it why tf can’t you?!!

The strong urge in me to send this to an old situation to get him on board since he’s extremely talented & up n coming but he prolly hates my guts😭

I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could go and donate to help fund my record label. I have big plans for True Soundz Entertainment but I need help getting things off the ground. Please share this everywhere you can, it would help out a lot. Thanks so much.

This is exactly why I’m looking for a black medical team now. I want my whole crew to be black. Dr, nurses, gyn, dentist, surgeon, dermatologist… all that. 😡 Hate this happened to you friend. 🥺😔

This been bothering me all week. so I went to the dentist last Thursday and it was at a clinic in Chinatown. I needed a cleaning since my last 1 was in September and this place was the only 1 w/ the soonest appointment. It’s my 1st time there. I check in and I’m token 👩🏽 1/???

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So it’s really shocking to me that it actually happened in fucking Chinatown, NYC….like the city is too diverse for that. And coming off AAPI heritage month and having BTS at the White House talmbout anti-Asian hate (meanwhile Koreans are the most anti black), shit is comical. 6/

insecurities and brainwashing. Also not being raised right by their parents who also weren't raised right. then there's some who just hate to hate because theyre wicked. A continuous cycle of negative behavior being passed down by our people.

I don’t understand how easy it is for ppl to hate black women and my brain short circuits when I see that hate coming from inside the house. Like…why???

I don’t understand how easy it is for ppl to hate black women and my brain short circuits when I see that hate coming from inside the house. Like…why???

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