In response Qween Jean to her Publication

My last situation, was looking to buy a house with her family. One of the things she mentioned, was that the bedrooms were too small and her shoes. I offered to build a shelf in the shed she intended to turn into a little space for her and her sister.

In response Qween Jean to her Publication

Shit like this pisses me off so much cause it's always the mfs that say "mind ya business".... yeah ok and look where minding our fucking business got us. I cant even bring stuff like this up in my family cause for some reason "staying out of it" is a golden to rule to blacks. 😒

Grand Rising cosmic family ☀️ Let today bring you plenty of good vibes, positivity, peace, love and happiness 💜💙💚 So it is and so it shall be 🙌🏾

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Junkies, drunks and just people turning on me. A lot of dramatic bullshit and much more, snakes in the family, lies and secrets, true colors being revealed, too much to even talk about. Its whatever, everything falls into place eventually and those who do wicked shall be wicked

And to my BA family, especially those in Texas, HAPPY JUNETEENTH!

This weekend is busy as hell for me. Funeral, family reunion, couple birthdays, juneteenth and i think fucking father's day too??

The Black Family: 40 Years of Lies
Rejecting the Moynihan report caused untold, needless misery. #Blackstudytime

If you’re not protecting your family or yourself from immediate danger, there is nothing you have to prove.

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Sounds good family! Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon

good morning black family.

make this day and each and every day count.

B1 family, meet Daniel F. Camacho iii. Look what he had to say about our brother. Trayvon Martin. This suspected white hispanic supremacist was on Facebook saying all of this mess last night. Nobody talks to our brother Trayvon like that.

When I tell you reciprocation is my Lovveeeeee language 😭. Just be thoughtful that’s it lol whether it’s a friend, lover, family member, just be mf thoughtful so I can multiply that

Juanita Ingram, from the Amazon docuseries, The Expats: International Ingrams talks about how her family's journey began. #thatsthescenario #BlackRadio #travel #BlackExpat

Been Around The World (The Juanita Ingram Interview)

The host of Amazon Prime's docuseries, The Expats: International Ingrams joins us to talk about her family's evolution as world travelers, and the events tha...

What does it mean to be Black abroad?

The experience varies from country to country and our guest Juanita Ingram tells us about what she's learned about race, family and herself, while filming her Amazon Prime docuseries The Expats: International Ingrams. #thatsthescenario #travel #BlackExpat #BlackRadio #BlackPeopleTravelToo

In response Just Kemi to her Publication

What would their recent family history be?

And how would I reconcile that with my black family?

Not enough time has passed for me to even entertain the idea.

But I’d be called a racist for promoting black love…


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