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For the first time in over 70 years the United States is not at war. What defenseless country will be America's next victim?

The United States Next War

First its Mexicans crossing the border, now its Blacks. Bigoted whites cannot seem to take responsibility for nothing they do.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blames Covid surge on African Americans who have not been vaccinated

So, Joe Biden said (and General Milley stated on the same day) that they had no idea the government and military of Afghanistan would collapse so fast, but State Department docs reveal that (they both lied) the White House was warned IN JUNE that this was indeed possible.
The administration (including the hapless General Milley) will point out that the collapse would be swift and brutal after the troops pulled out on Aug 31.
The problem with that EXCUSE is that the troops didn't wait to pull out on Aug 31. They left almost a month earlier, before the first civilian or Afghan ally were deport

Girls rock! Look out Congress and Corporate America. I wonder how long she'll reign before the males kill her?

The Hill: First alpha female ever takes charge of troop of 670 monkeys | TheHill
The Hill: First alpha female ever takes charge of troop of 670 monkeys | TheHill.

we got our first donation towards an annual canva membership!! now we're 15 in. i have until 8/9/2021 to raise the rest of the 110 dollars. can you help me blkemland?

It is so obvious Trump instigated the insurrection and his supporters and Republican politicians were involved. No matter how anyone sugarcoats it. If the Democrats allow them to get away with this, this country's leadership is weak and pathetic and do not deserve this land any longer.

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Yes I've seen those videos. Talking to people with warped mindsets is circular and exhausting. If we stop being nice, then the police will definitely be involved, but now Karen/Ken get to tell their narrative first.

Emotional 🥺😊 our first broadcast is LIVE:
- a random cartoon
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#PodcastLicence #AfribeanTV

the first priority of someone being held captive is to escape

not to over-analyze the character and motives

of your kidnapper

Sense of Serenity, LLC is a small family owned business. I started this business because I saw that a path needed to be created to establish generational stability in my family. I am a first generation business owner and my children assist me in making quality, all natural products at affordable prices.

As a mom of five I definitely understand the struggle and know how important it is to be able to still enjoy the small things in life, like a smell or self care.

Sense of Serenity, your all natural care hub✨

"the first atrocity

the first war crime committed

in any war of aggression

is against the truth" #quotes

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