It's not the game, it's the person. Many people lose in all sorts of games, whether it's athletic, video or any other type of gaming. This fool did what he did because he could and it probably wasn't the first time. Video games had zero to do with it.

Father Losing Video Game Str!kes 1 Month old Son In Head, KiIIing Him - YouTube Support -

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Previously, we mentioned a little bit about the Blkem Eco-System

The first step to creating such system relies heavily on the “Safety and Security” aspect.

We have the boots on the ground section, and the app feature is 80% complete.

Working on logistics…

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We shouldn’t be talking money before our first date, just like we probably shouldn’t be talking sex. I am more likely to hit up a free event for a first date now that I may have a bit more discretionary funds. I want to see what’s important to you.

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I would focus on self first. We have our soulmates but we only attract them if we're in the right state of being. Ppl want to get into a relationship but most dont think about why. as far as maintaining, all it takes is being honest with others and yourself about what you want

In response Zyyy Gabrielle to her Publication

I suck at math too, but even so, one of the first things I learned was how to count money, partly because I had to be independent early on and I went through the crack era. Physical money is easy. These days, we spend money we don’t see. I didn’t see a dollar the entire pandemic.

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as we are moving working in the background, to bring this idea to life.

We're almost complete with the first step of this ecosystem and we can't wait to share it will you all "VERY" soon.

#blkem #blkemecosystem #neweradmv #neweranation

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I'll try to take a moment to check out the documentary you mentioned. Years ago I read a book "Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America" by Eugene Robinson. This book was the first time I heard someone speak about the harm of integration to our community. In the above article, the author seems to operate under the assumption that black people need to assimilate into white cultural norms while ignoring that white people systemically created that requirement. When black people have resources, we can grow our people just like anyone else.

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Post Election Grievances: That first district seat belonged to Jahmal Cole. I'm a little heated.

Here we go again. 😮‍💨 I screwed myself out of getting in the first time and gave up bake in 2012. Now tho, I’m not taking the backseat on this masters. 😤😤😤

I usually don’t share much on the personal side. But there’s nothing more antagonizing than to wait on a potential layoff call.

The end result?

1. I made it past the cut (Psalm 91).
2. This is the first and last time I’ll experience this
3. Real estate is not for the weak

Oh shit yall! My first interview as a screenwriter 😁💪🏾💯 Did this a few weeks ago and honestly didnt think it would release. Damn this is dope!


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