We're going live for our weekly Monday night tradition on Clubhouse this time and we want you to contribute to the conversation! No silent spectating.
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#OnToTheNextDay Tuesday

Reach The Room! Which One is the ONE For YOU
When building a following and engaging an audience, going live imply choices based on what you are really trying to achieve:
- live discussion
- live #TED talk
- live webinar
- live #WEB chat
From recording to keeping it private ... Rooms are the new Webinars, with Clubhouse failing to make its mark and Facebook growing its own. Which live streaming services should you contemplate and for what purposes? We talk

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The only advantage of not having Clubhouse for Android is not adding one more distraction in my life ?
My people is sleeping at 6 AM because of Clubhouse

In response Damali ???? to her Publication

Imagine how many people are joining per second. this could be the next clubhouse.

In response Site Admin to his Publication

I had to invest in Clubhouse this morning.
I would much rather have invested in this platform

It wasn't user participation that made CLUBHOUSE, it was raising the money to build a platform that enough people used.

In response Site Admin to his Publication

the invites clubhouse gives out makes sense to me. keeps it exclusive.

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Instead of silencing white supremacy, why not dismantle them and their base. Free speech should NOT be tolerated when it incites violence and racism towards people, especially the Black community, in which many individuals on these plantation platforms do.

They target the Black community when we're uplifting ourselves. They target us because we want a fair shot at what their ancestors have forcefully taken. They target us just because we're Black.

What are FB/IG, Twitter and Clubhouse doing about them. NOTHING!

You said it..platforms such as FB/IG, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Clubhouse, Twitter..gives agency to the non-black communities because these platforms are non-black owned, so their people benefit more than ours. They are able to create resources that more of their people can integrate in. If FB build a medical facility, who do people thing would be in the management positions and employee line. NOT US. New Era has something different than some of these other organizations and we stand behind them.

This is the platform to discuss black empowerment. This platform gives agency and that is a vital peice of the black power puzzle. in the full clip of Dr Andersons presentation he mentions how does one organize their people without having a platform to do so?... well thats ttaken care of now. So moving on, one of the reasons I joined New Era outside of all the good work that was being done is the potential to make Dr Andersons vision a reality. With Chapters across the country this org is uniquely positioned to build a gamechanger. (cotd)

We will be going live on IG today.?
We will be discussing some of these topics, if not all:?
1. Blkem updates?
2. White-owned networks, censorship.?
3. Blacks defending using white-owned networks and not Black-owned ?
4. FB/IG policies?
5. Putting aside our differences between African, African American, Caribbean American etc and working for a common goal?
6. Clubhouse - The new white-owned trend Black people are caping for. Building another house instead of our own.?
7. Followers not engaging on Blkem as well.?
8. Future Black Empowerment goals?

In response Pab7o Fr3sh to his Publication

We are seriously getting push back from asking Black people in Black groups why are they not faciliating Black Owned Social Networks but running to white-owned platforms like clubhouse..smh

It's time to ask WHY the "WOKE" amongst US are leading the surge to popularize THEIR CLUBHOUSE instead if helping build OUR HOUSE?

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