"The battle must be fought

The gauntlet thrown down

The chip knocked from the bullies shoulder

The line stepped over

and the clash and clang of steel

The battle must be joined

fought in the street

from door to door

in the classroom

in the boardroom

in the war room

the battle must be ultimately won

in the field

hand to hand combat must commence" #quote

Dr Amos Wilson


Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours (HD)
by Wu-Tang Clan


Wu-Tang Clan - Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours (HD) - YouTube

Wu-Tang Clan - Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours from the album Wu-Tang Forever [1997]

this music earworm episode i share my thoughts about o.g. band the clan of xymox/xymox. at the time of the recording i was using music streaming service tidal and youtube to find their complete works and was missing quite a few. but from what i did find i shared my top songs with ya'll!


songs sampled were:
1. scum from the album medusa
2. stranger from the self titled album clan of xymox
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