@Terin I can’t add a profile pic. This feels much more at home on the platform than The Cookout did.

She is Still Not Invited to Any Cookouts: Stacey Dash’s Sobriety Announcement Derails When Critics Bring Up Her History of Problematic Conservative Views


In full support of Tariq Nasheed #BuckBreaking

Should we write an article aboutGolferGirl305
wanting to sue anyone while putting other "vulnerable" people at risk? When Trash ???? need validation & clout!

My screenshots are made for walking in Court ??
#Sunday #COOKout #Convo

7PM appointment on AFRIBEAN Magazine ~ #COOKout #Convo #blackonblack

They are Dying for #BLM to Live #RealEstateMatters
Patrisse Cullors doesn't need you to know about her housing situation. Transparency is not the problem: racism, sexism and right-wings are!
We talk about the danger of #BLM as a donations magnet:


#BLMuk #BLM #blmmovement #blacklivesmatter #patrissecullors #RealtorLifestyle

You can only cure hatred with #love and #Light ~ #Sunday #COOKout #Convo - www.afribean.com
We are healing through the harsh words and experiences from the women who had DMX in their life, his children and his temporary attention.
The Mammy Syndrome: #blackwomen support is a gift and a curse. Black Women need to heal themselves from saving, healing and babysitting their Men. We will talk on Sunday ?
Rest In Power ? Aaliyah was not trying to save you so you loved her, harder than your own women
#dmx #Aaliyah #drug #addiction #mammysyndrome

Somebody needa have a cookout planned by the time i wake up. #please &thankyou
I'll bring the plates and the Isley Brothers

welcome to the #COOKout king??.. let family know we have a SAFE HAVEN

Me just finding out about this platform today on twitter. Time to put my peoples on!

im jtfooooo,??phew.. bc i thought this WASS the #COOKout . ?????

Sometimes you gotta like yo own post first to get da ball rolling.

They the "I known you since you was little" uncle at the cookout.

damn 80+ followers and the same 8 people fw my shit... this really is a family cus you other mfs are the cousins in different states that a nigga only seen once in a lifetime ???

Now that we got all the Black folk togther. Cookout?

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