For Black History Month, our Monday podcast is offering another solution to#blackowned small business for achieving their audio and voiceover with basic equipments that do not need to be expensive.


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Audio editing with basic and cheap equipments || AFRIBEAN PODCAST - YouTube

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I joined a black owned credit union earlier this year and already on a waiting list to joining a blackowned neobank (Super excited for this as its a much needed and modern alternative to conventional banking). It's been a struggle to find a black owned bank that offers great modern services. I'm trying to see whose really about black empowerment because we can all be on this platform and support our businesses which is fine but there is so much more we can do. I am aware of there being many black owned banks out in the states. So I would like to know who here is banking black?

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That is a fact, when I direct people to our site the 1st thing I hear is "I NEVER HEARD OF THAT SITE" I remind them someone told them about FB, Instagram,TikTok and every other site they use..I remember BET, and BP even though they were not BLACKOwned it gave us a platform

For the longest I wanted to figure out my niche for @blkem and I've decided on showcasing black businesses. Once a month if not twice I will make a purchase from a blackowned business. I think it is important that we support one another and showcase it. Are yall in?

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The Mission.
Jamii believes that a sustained impact on racial inequality could be possible through black people’s economic empowerment, which is why Jamii encourages money be generated and to circulate within in the community. The mission is to get people to become more conscious when shopping, using their spending power to shape the world they want to see. Jamii believes that change comes from long-term action, which can’t simply rely on moral reasoning. The discounts are a simple incentive for people to think of blackowned businesses every time they spend.

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Advertise your business for free on the BlackizBeautiful business directory. Visit:


BIZB Black Business Directory

Advertise your business for free on the BlackizBeautiful business directory. Visit:


There used to be a blackowned music artist site called rocbattle but I check and now its a blocked site smh...

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