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#blkem #B1

Is China Developing a Biological Weapon Targeting Specific Ethnic Groups?

Why should this concern black people?
Have you given them your Negroid DNA to experiment with?

In 2020, Asians got their feelings hurt because white people attacked them and called them names related to COVID-19!!! Within months they were given legislation and so far ONLY Black people have been arrested for "hurting their feelings"! It is not our job to fight every generation for the same basic constitutional rights! LET THE ENTIRE VOTER SYSTEM FAIL AND IT WILL BECOME ILLEGITIMATE! We don't have to do anything! LET THEM DESTROY THEIR OWN DEMOCRACY!!!!

Civil Rights Leaders Warn Against GOP-Led Voter Suppression - YouTube

Civil Rights leaders met with Pres. Biden and Vice Pres. Harris pushing the White House to react as Republicans continue to push laws aimed at voter suppress...

2/2020: Followed God's orders to finish my internship early
3/2020: Covid-19 pandemic strikes
5/2020: I Master’d It!????
8/2020: Commencement gets canceled and I watch my name go across a screen for an online ceremony
5/2021: After patiently waiting, I GOT MY MOMENT! (I Thank God)

#PullUpSummer = a repeat of 2020 BLM screaming at white supremacists for leniency & change.
#PoolUpSummer = Pooling together w fellow BLK LIBERATORS to forge an independent BLK political machine & BLK 1ST AGENDA....

In response Mario ? ? to his Publication

The Black man, Dartavious Barnes, is suing the Illinois police dept as of October 2020.

200 Rappers Who Died In 2020 [Rap Rewind 2020] https://www.youtube.com/wa...

200 Rappers Who Died In 2020 [Rap Rewind 2020] - YouTube

Rappers That Died In 2020, Best Rap Songs 2020, Dead Rappers 2020In 2020, the hip-hop community has suffered the loss of over 200 rappers who made great stri...

Afrikans in America cant even peacefully protest without white militia groups undermining the message. Summer 2020's looting and burning of buildings was not done by TRUE activists.

But its all about how the media portrays it to the public.

Check dis out family! This shit is ridiculous and does nothing but piss me off.
Pulled from his car, pepper sprayed, and hit multiple times all in a well lit setting.

Dont even matter that the man is a United States Army Lieutenant and clearly IN UNIFORM. This biracial man (Latinx & Afrikan) could have lost his life for simply looking how he does.

Incident happened Dec. 5th, 2020. The victim filed a lawsuit against the officers today... 125 days AFTER. ?

News article in replies:

https://youtu.be/Nb3qWl_aq... "More of Derek Chauven's Victims ???" Join the live exposé of the people former officer of former Minneapolis, Minisota police known for his role in the tax sanction lynching of our brother George Floyd with his knee on his neck over 8 minutes. on May 25, 2020.

Isaiah 48:22
[22]There is no peace, saith the LORD, unto the wicked.


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