New Era RVA


Richmond, VA chapter of the New Era Nation ?????

This Sunday December 5th, New Era Richmond will be hosting a #buyblack pop-up cultural market with some dope vendors selling quality cultural goods. Come check us out if you are in the Capital City!!! #rva #richmond #neweranation

Tonight! we talking live about home ownership and community wealth building...

Saturday 24 April the New Era Nation kicks off their 7th annual Hood 2 Hood season. For more information connect with the Movement at ?????

Its time we protect our own and do for self. Yesterday was yet another indicator of that. New Era Elite is our security branch that focuses on keeping our own communities safe. All we got is us... #neweraelite #neweranation #selfdefense #allpowertothepeople

The New Era Nation is all about accountability and organizing within under-resourced communities. The Blackprint has been written and its up to us to engage our peoples. All we got is us... #blackpower #Community #neweranation

Feels good to see a movement that's FOR the people. Selflessness before Selfishness. Let's do it! ??