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Yo wassup! I'm Elijah, a young photographer from the D(M)V area. I'm a blacktivist and a strong proponent of Black empowerment.

MD's democratic primary was an ultimate win for pro-corporate dems. The very subject linking Dems + Repubs making them identical: their purpose of existence being to preserve capitalism by any means necessary. Hogan, Cox, or Moore, they all serve one purpose: save the status quo.

You cannot argue to arm the proletariat if you dont teach the proletariat who their enemy is. If the proletariat believes their enemy is themselves then arming the proletariat is genocide. If you teach them their enemy is the aristocracy you have a revolution

I always get asked whether or not I'm still doing photography, and the answer is YES. I aint never puttin down the camera. I'm really not rocking w instagram so i just dont post as much. if youre ever feeling like you wanna/needa see some of my art check out my website!!

Furthermore, John King has no prior basis in corporate politics, he was a teacher, a principal, the secretary of education under Obama.

His kids go to public school, the events he attends aren't funded by major corporate donors. He's actually a man of the ppl bc he IS the ppl

When looking at the candidates for the Maryland Democratic primaries, remember that Wes Moore not only accepts Corporate funds but he also REPRESENTS corporate interests as he has ties to that side of politics already. Corporate interests are what corrupt politics, ALWAYS.

Increasing SROs strengthens the school to prison pipeline

For all the oldheads and people who bash new rap. Remember what Yasiin Bey said:

"You know whats gonna happen with hip-hop? Whatever's happening with us...If hip-hop is about the people then hip-hop wont get better until the people get better"

class consciousness is important, glad we opening this convo

Blacks in Power Don't Empower Blacks 🤔http://blackdocumentaries....

Huey P Newton said: "When the masses hear that a Gestapo policeman has been executed while sipping coffee at a counter, and the revolutionary executioners fled without being traced, the masses will see the validity of this kind of resistance" in short, FACTSSSSS

I dont have much to say about the shooting, as nothing they do surprises me anymore. What i will say is street justice must be overrated now cause where tf is it when you need it? We'd be foolish to keep thinking playing along with them is gonna get us anywhere. I vote for war 🤷🏾‍♂️

The amount of pure contentment i get from seeing Black people in the sun?? Immeasurable, we are literally so beautiful.

The same people confused about why its inappropriate for Kendrick to speak on the trans identity as a cis-het person are the SAME exact people (i mean damn near identical) to the people who get confused on why it's inappropriate for white people to speak on the Blk identity.

y’all finna see how hard i go for my mfin community though. not letting no more of my folk die without getting the education (or in worse cases, justice) they deserve, on me.

also, while you alr here, lemme tell you heffas something: BLACK FEMMES ARE NOT YOUR FUCKING SEX TOYS. we deserve relationships,l and true genuine feelings. you not just finna keep fucking on us and think shit sweet, don’t pmo fr.

In response Shiloh Cii to his Publication

For real bro!! A page that’s doing something for the community gets disabled? While nudity, racism, hate speech still exist. They are NOT our friends

So many of us stay in denial, the ones who call others haters, think that because they have material success are hated on. No its usually the so called hate come from in how you obtained your so called success at your people demise, then want to be respected that's the real deal.


They say guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Well, the more people with guns, the more people will get killed.

More Guns is the Cause of Violent Crime, Not the Pandemic or Economy https://afromerica.com/afr...

Kaytranada is really untouched in his lane of production.

Many 'Popular Culture'/ Hip Hop sites are not ran by our hands. If one of us involved is a managerial position nice sounding title. Next time on a popular website hyping up our culture? Research for self who are behind them ownership and such. Stop feeding the beast #Blackchoices

i love telling blk people that i dont find Dave Chappelle funny. I genuinely dont, and the shock that shoots across their faces? Golden every time.

Since we cant have a convo ab abortions w/o talking about the reasons for abortions lets talk about it:
Fact: Women BELOW the poverty line typically have abortions
Fact: Women below the poverty line are Blk and Native
Fact: 1 in 4 blk women are raped/assaulted b4 18



I'm tired of Black folks ignorantly saying things aren't their business because they don't have the attention span to look at the forest for the easy-to-spot tree right in their faces.

There is no scientific basis in being AGAINST abortions btw. Literally just research it. SINCE there is no scientifc basis, these decisions come from a religious standpoint, and the conflation of religion with the state is simply put: tyrannical.

hmmm 🤔 ... let's make this a thing & then gatekeep it 100%