infidelity clause….ain’t no more breaking the heart for free.


Why is it not illegal to sell our information? Are we really free?
Why the heck is retirement so long?
Who said working five days a week was a thing?
Why the heck we (Army) pull duty on a building? I know, I know.

Every time I go on leave the more I’m ready to retire. I am TERRIFIED of what being a civilian looks like and the introvert in me has anxiety.

I’m out here trying to give men a chance, but the nausea I feel every time he texts me makes me feel like that attraction is STILL nonexistent.

True story.

Trying to vent to someone who isn’t understanding is more frustrating than anything.

I’m seven months post #hysterectomy and I haven’t had a chance to grasp the emotional AND physical toll it’s taken on me since I’ve been back at work. The #Army expects us to “get over” shit far too quickly for my liking.

I’m hardly on any of my platforms and disappeared shortly after starting this one. Here’s to engaging more. I’ve missed A LOT!


I've been doing my best to promote this app. Call it a recruiting phase if you will.

I want this to succeed so I gotta do my due diligence ✊🏿

How are y’all doing today? Me….sitting in the parking lot listening to Set it off by Boosie because they canceled this meeting like gas isn’t high.

I’m in a toxic relationship with my employer, the United States Army. #retirement2024

I despise “it’s not that deep” from black folks pertaining to black issues/concerns.

I’ve never been in love before and I don’t like it. I’m not even sure I’ve ever came close.

I’m officially four years in this thang. I’m lowkey sick of it, but I can’t just bust it open for anyone 😂.

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After watching parts of #OurFather it’s making me want to change my primary care provider. The healthcare in the military sucks though.

In OTHER news, I return to work next week after recovering from surgery for the past five weeks. Three more years and I can retire.

What do y’all think about these menstrual trackers with this Roe v Wade conversation happening? Are you fearful of that data being used against you?


This is a safe space for us and as one said on the timeline..a space where we care about Black folks and the issues we are facing in society.

Healthy discussions are good for the benefit of the Black community are good.

So let’s work together!
#blkem #B1 #joinblkem ✊🏿

I’m such an introvert. Every assignment I always set a goal of getting to know new people. I’ve been in Fayetteville almost one year and I’ve yet to do so. I refuse to “hang out” with the people I work with.

My mom said I need to get her a grand dog. What is wrong with her?

Since my surgery, I’ve had some of the worst “mood swings” and I hate it. I’ve heard of people falling into a sunken place afterwards, but leave it to me to think I’m HARD and can take it all.

We have literally been accused by a few Black individuals on twitter of trying to capitalize on the Black community when...our platform and apps are SELF-FUNDED.

We have no time to prove a point. We're just going to continue what we have been doing since 2020 and even before.

Make it make sense.