Kii Kii


2??2?? ?? Bay Area Baby.... Oakland if we speaking specifics ?

ngl its gotten to the point where i get headaches if my social media pages aren't in dark mode

Took a lowkey social media cleanse this weekend and loved it every moment. Happy Monday guys ?

It's really overhyped

Mfs been hyping the Cheesecake Factory up all my life. I finally go and try the shit, its not allat.

Im getting real tide of Mitch McConnell's old ass. Bitch, give us da money!!

You just don't meet someone by accident. I don't think it's designed to be that way. It's always a reason why y'all met. Pay attention to the signs and messages that's being sent to you




I be having a thing for niggas with that Keyshia Cole gap??

I'll go check him out thanks !

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omitu on ig. I dont think he sells as many items as he used to but its worth checking out

We still here. The weekdays are just a little more tight scheduled so we all be on at different times ??. Plus all our time differences

where tf is everybody

i cant wait for this to be an app lol that will be the day i leave twitter

You're not alone after like June/July shit just got depressing and with everything going on in the world took a complete toll on me so aame sis ?

Weirdly enough, I was thriving at the beginning of the pandemic. Started to learn the piano, learned how to sew and sold masks, worked out (almost) everyday... All that energy is loooooong gone now ?

"He's just a growing boy" Bitch that lil nigga high and got the munchies

A professor gave a balloon to every student, who had to inflate it, write their name on it and throw it in the hallway. The professor then mixed all the balloons. The students were then given 5 minutes to find their own balloon.

Despite a hectic search, no one found their balloon.

A Thread:


Just call me Veronica cuz bitches out here acting like Nikki Parker ??????

Honestly I've had niggas telling me they love me and didn't even know 5 facts about me. That was def one.

What do Men talk about too soon that will make a woman fall back??

Ouuuup after dark already ??

Fuck ha good & put ha to sleep


welp My 9 hollywood followings yall will me unfolled by the morning ?

welp My 9 hollywood followings yall will me unfolled by the morning ?

Ya'll better behave in here and be the representation of Black First.

Dr. Umar Johnson might be making a visit to check in!


YESSSS ! Mr. Midnight and Out of the Trunk are both albums you can listen too NO SKIPS

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I found out about him with his song "Tracy, Ca" ????. I should look more into him now that you brought this up