Mohammed Shakur


Straight Black Man. Pan Afrikanism. Fighting to get back to our greatness. Photographer, creator and Aquarius. Worlds Blackest Man.

Friendly reminder; I love Black Women. I may not date or be interested in some of yall but the love is there. So be good to yourself. Heal. Let a Black Man love you in his way thats beneficial to you.

Shoutout to the XX Chromosome.

Getting warmer. So brothers, please be wary. There will be so-called damsels lurking and waiting to get a Black Man locked up or killed. Some of them are also your aunts, cousins and sisters. Surround yourself around sisters that love and respect Black Men.

Happy that I'm able to put a bio up so future followers can learn more about who I am

Black Women, please remember the seriousness of pregnancy. And be around Black Men that take that condition seriously.

Too many sisters wanna act like Superwoman when they're carrying life in their bellies and it's sad. From the sister that ran track to fitness sisters lifting

Been enjoying my lil' vacation and unplugged from social media. I keep seeing my people repeat the same old shit as if we haven't seen it done many times before.

What's the plan?

I want to be loved by a Black Woman today. To smile because of her love....

Ok, so there's some dykes on the internet claiming to be "dl," as in they like submitting to men. While hilarious as hell, it's rather cute. They're "straight" on the low lol

Shit like this frustrates me. We have the brainpower and yet, too many of us keep outsourcing to devils and other non-Blacks. Imagine what his algorithm could've done for THIS site? Or Blackplanet?

I find it funny that sisters say they want a man that's obsessed with them only to get upset about stories of males killing their girlfriends/wives. Fatal attractions were obsessed with their mates.

Be careful what yall asking for. Seriously.

It was embarrassing watching my people bitch and moan about the shootings on Twitter and other engines. From how the terrorist was "handled," to the "narratives" the devils were spinning for the hellspawn.

As if we didn't see this countless times before...?

Black Men. Black Women.

Please remember that transgender men aren't men. They can't be us.

Transgender women aren't women. They can NEVER be you.

Roe vs. Wade has nothing to do with you, Black Woman. Please be smart....

Black Women, please do your part to be better.

I do photography. It really rubs me the wrong way that SOME sisters feel entitled to my services and practically demand a nude shoot out from me.

How do yall know for certain that I, Uncle Tom, wanna see your yoni?

Agreed. We must protect this by any means.

hmmm 🤔 ... let's make this a thing & then gatekeep it 100%

Its hilarious reading about Black people getting bent out of shape about Roe v. Wade. But at the same time, it's rather sad. Too many of my people lack self control and judgment in the sex department.

And let some of them tell it, most of us are the product of rape today....