Mohammed Shakur


Straight Black Man. Pan Afrikanism. Fighting to get back to our greatness. Photographer, creator and Aquarius. Worlds Blackest Man.

Being comfortable is beautiful, but nothing grows there, when we factor in Black Empowerment
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How are y’all doing today? Me….sitting in the parking lot listening to Set it off by Boosie because they canceled this meeting like gas isn’t high.

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#MalcolmX said that all Black people should be trained in #Karate and #Judo to defend ourselves. What measures do you take to defend yourselves and your people. This is not a challenge, I'm just curious what skill sets we have here. For me #boxing and #BrazilianJujitsu #BJJ

Please don't be mad at us for staying true to ourselves..

Tough decision!

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Exclusive for US - YouTube

Take what you will with this Blkem promotion but just know, we stand firm on our decision.There's no convincing us on why we should revert until we see Black...


Blkem will be having its 1st information session on June 4 at 6pm.

We will be covering some important topics in these until we get our audio chat up and running.

Set a reminder and tune in!
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Recent shooting got us thinking more about safety.

What do you all think about "emergency notification" for Blkem?

If shootings and other marginalized aggression incidents take place against Black people, those who have the mobile app will get an audible or vibration alert if they're near the location, or, we can send it to everyone regardless of where they are located.

We can also set up mobile SMS alerts as well.

We'd call it Blerts (Black Alerts)

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You can’t build a Kingdom if one person feels depleted while the other is constantly empowered 🤷🏾‍♀️

I despise “it’s not that deep” from black folks pertaining to black issues/concerns.

It was summer yesterday, now it’s damn near winter today 😂 NY weather is something else.

In response Mohammed Shakur to his Publication

It’s unfortunate that this has been your experience and it’s not something I would say nor is it the first thought I had when you originally commented. It’s very commendable and to hell with those women that don’t have a clue.

In response Mohammed Shakur to his Publication

I’ve never understood this but I also know to be careful what I speak into the atmosphere. I love me time too much to want someone obsessed with me.

Most “celibate” ppl would fold if the opportunity was in front of them. If you can resist the temptation that’s right in front of you then you can confidently say you’re celibate lol

I’m officially four years in this thang. I’m lowkey sick of it, but I can’t just bust it open for anyone 😂.

Most “celibate” ppl would fold if the opportunity was in front of them. If you can resist the temptation that’s right in front of you then you can confidently say you’re celibate lol

Politics is not the answer for Blacks in America, a strong, collective movement is necessary; led by Black men and women who can rise above the dead ends of politics.

Black America Need to Rise above Politics and Reach for Sovereignty

hmmm 🤔 ... let's make this a thing & then gatekeep it 100%

Mobile App Update:

We have uploaded both apps to Play Store and App Store. Pending approval

Updates below:

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Updated Blurt text
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this is perfect post to be getting more seeds and we using this for the black community we are going to buy some property to start gardens with in the black community so black people can have free food continue to cycle by planting and taking care of a garden what are you learning the garden will also have herbs to make medicine and flowers I'm making sure that I'm going to learn how to make medicine at herbs so I can teach the black community how to make medicine out of the herbs within the garden be wise not only smart

I live in and love Atlanta. These are facts.

I just got flirted on by a gay man . He was handsome & looked straight, but we’re in Atlanta & you’re not fooling me😩. The demeanor gave it away lol

I also created The House of Reggie’s Tv Show which airs on The RHTV Pay Per View Network or


Y’all saw this yet? I went straight to google 🥴🥴🥴🥴

We have literally been accused by a few Black individuals on twitter of trying to capitalize on the Black community when...our platform and apps are SELF-FUNDED.

We have no time to prove a point. We're just going to continue what we have been doing since 2020 and even before.

Make it make sense.