Marian Watson


🇬🇧🇩🇯 | LDN | based on a true story 🤍

Erm .. am I the only one unable to gain access via the app?
When I log back in it says I’m already logged in 😭🥴

Hanoi, Vietnam

if y’all could travel anywhere right now where would you go?

Good morning my loves!

Just checking in to see if those in Toronto are doing well considering the crazy snowfall that’s taken place.

I’m a soppy git for the little details that are inexpensive and if the guy I’m with isn’t making the same effort that @Scrappy is making -

end our relationship, respectfully.

I need a little assistance from my astrological/horoscope folks -

I need the tea on Aquarius men, please and thanks! 😌

Right - I’m ordering a pizza and I’ve got a tub of my favourite ice cream.
Cue the romcoms and sad girl music because today I’m crying and tomorrow’s a new day.

Also, have you scheduled your cry?

You know what’s really sad? friendship breakups.
Especially when it’s someone you’ve grown with and shared monumental moments of your life with. They essentially become an extended part of your family and now .. nothing.
How do you move on from that? 🥺

Good afternoon lovelies!
Starting the week off with unexpected but amazing news - the 2023 goals are being ticked off one by one! 🥳

Welcome to the constant FOMO of Londoners (even Europeans) unable access them too.

I don’t think many people realize how many things the US has that Canada doesn’t. Right down to TV shows and Movies😒

I can’t believe it’s Monday tomorrow and my weekends practically over 🥲

Congratulations! 🥳🥳🥳


Baby Gabriel was born on 1/18/23 at 8:30PM. All up to the wifey if she wants me to blurt some pics but we are finally home now, after spending 2 days in the hospital.

Thanks for all your kind blurts!!!

Last nights episode of LI was spicy, therefore I am treating myself to a cheeky takeaway for tonight’s episode.

Chinese or Turkish? 🤔

I’m ready to start an initiative that defunds men with podcasts.
Why would anyone shares such madness with the world??? 🫠🫠

I am in dire need of a nap but since I’m not going to workout today, I do need to get my steps in - so off to run some errands it is.

2pm couldn’t have come sooner -
that’s me done for the day! ✌🏾

It’s always a 20something that comes at me left with the craziest energy.
I do not want to get involved 😭😭

I need a touch up ASAP! The dark roots are growing and the blonde isn’t so prominent anymore 🥲

the red bag with caramelised onion dip 😌

#A1QOTD What is the best flavor of Doritos? There are no wrong answers, but certain answers will be judged 😂

There’s a story time? 👀

it’s been a minute since we’ve had a storytime

After this meeting, I’m done for the day.
I’ve given it my all and right now all I want is a nap 🥲

rise and shine! what a beautiful day to book a trip to Vegas 🤩

the same goes for Slack - be very mindful of what you say in personal chats between you and another colleague.

If your job uses Microsoft careful what you say in the chats

Good morning all - it’s my favourite day of the week, Thursday! 🥳

First thing in order, Starbucks order pending.
Second, has Unc announced the arrival of Baby Unc yet? 👀
Lastly, hope you all have a wonderful day.

Sorry but why are all the pretty women planning to be alone on Valentine’s Day? Whats the meaning of this?
I love love and would like my TL flooded with all sorts of lovely, soppy crap thank you!