Night Owls. Join me tonight at 11 pm ET on the Stereo App. I am #blackpower Where I will give my ideas on how to move us Forward together and you can leave voice comments live with your ideas too. Hope to hear from you there.

“Yes, I’m an extremist. The black race… is in extremely bad condition. You show me a black man who isn’t an extremist and I’ll show you one who needs psychiatric attention!” The Honorable Brother Malcolm X

If we are to work as a community, for the common goal, Black Empowerment, it starts with communication. ?
Engaging..starting the dialogue?
Throwing ideas and feedback on each other's post. Liking, sharing and reposting.?
The app is coming soon but get to know your brothers and sisters on the platform. Continue to tell people about Blkem as well.?

Give me some Good Advice Please. Just any advice you want to give. Thank you. ??

Pray For Me. I gotten a new Blank Canvas Today...

I was fired from my job.

been watching cheaters for about 2 hours. ain't seen a black man yet???

Lol I know our women not gone waste that money paying to find out what intuition tells them. #JustAJOKE

FAMARA DIEDHIOU, a Bristol City striker suffers racist abuse on Twitter (Non-black of course)?
?Investigate what? The same thing that have been happening for years? ?
Let's start the discussion

Thank you for joining Blkem. Let's continue to invite members as we need to start working on FOCUSED goals for the Black community. #blkemstrong

We know what is needed, and we know what we need to get done. ?
Keep the pressure!?

Why stop now!?
Let's continue the movement. We are stronger when we unite! We can help OUR communities when we put aside our differences. We can access our own resources when we circulate the funds within OUR communities. ?
Then we wait for the shark to bite!?

**Teaser** Exclusive full 60 seconds video launch at 12am on Black Out Day, July 7th. #blkempromovid

Do for self: Black Empowerment ?
We wanted to get the pronunciation of blkem correct. So here it is! ?
Empowering the Black community to do for self is our definition of Black Empowerment.?
Black Empowerment is subjective as long as it follows the path of building the Black community.? #blackempowerment

Don’t be discouraged. Study up on your enemy, and take a long look in the mirror at all God has equipped you with. It’s probably worth more than you’ve realized. we have to prepare for peace or war.

Something I believe is racist is that most of my Black Friends will not even like a post on FB. DUE TO BEING AFRAID OF LOSING A JOB. I will always tell myself and teach my son. If you you gotta hide being proudly black in any place you shouldn be there anyway.