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I just said: “This heat is BUMPIN’ in here…” How Old Am I? Where am I from? Lmao

I love the I’m 5’9” liars. Because now I’m 6’ 3” lmao

If you was thinking about having a good day, just remember rent is due

🤯 I gotta watch

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It's a good movie. It's about two black men in the 60s who hire a white man to pose as the face of their real estate and banking businesses because nobody would do business with them. They had to train this man in running a business and math and all types of shit. And they were posing as janitors and chauffeurs to stay close so he don't fuck anything up.

I’m producing a regional UFC event this weekend. I’m sitting next to ring girls low key. Decided everything is good so i am heading out cut through greenroom, CM Punk is sitting there alone, chilling. Had a convo w/ the Second City Saint, chill dude.

One ice maker, other door, front door, plastic to block dust, kitchen door frame later and this refrigerator is finally!!! Gotta tip dude.


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One of my employees just called me Stefan Urkel… Should I fire this MFer!?

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🤣 Said my ABSOLUTE pleasure, goddamn relax Ray. And I'm stealing this. You got me fucked up if you think I'm not about to start using that. #TheRayvolutionwillbetelevised

LISTEN!!!!!! I have a dog bed and dishes for them.

🤣🤣🤣Not him getting COZY. he is COMFORTABLE 😭😭😭🐓🐓

If I could create the perfect Black Woman in a lab I’m sure she would be Omarosa. 😮‍💨

There’s a chicken in my yard. I live in the heart of the city.

Dear God, Why did you give me short nail beds and cuticles?

I just googled, “do people really have sex in taxi cabs?”

This Milli Vanili documentary is AMAZING!!! Why are modern fans so naive that “artists” aren’t made? Your fav is a product. Music no different than movies.


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Well... when they only shower 1x week I'm gonna say every perfume

What’s the white lady perfume that smells like bug spray???

Why doesn’t the “community” keep respect on Dionne’s name???