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Just another young panafrican kid looking to make a change in the world.

In response Houleye ... to her Publication

SEEEE.. we all need Jesus !
its a mess .
Hearing situations like this always adds points to my " things to be grateful for ", because living in the U S of A is still flawed in many ways, but its many things Im able to do, say, wear, and etc ... This is why you have to fight for what's right ALWAYS because people dont know how to act with a lil power... i just ....

anxiety really be blocking my blessings. i wanna beat her ass.

Our First Blkem promo after we launched in May 2020. Even though we were new amongst the giants, we had an influx of over 2500 users that month and another, the month after. The numbers are bigger now but there's still more work to be make Blkem a household name! There's still people to wake up!

We love how we are inspiring Black people to "Be the change". If they do not want to change, WE have to change!

We have to stop assisting them in repeating the cycle of oppression. We break that cycle, through group economics and ownership.

#bethechange #blkem #B1

Blkem - The Black Social Network for The Black Community - YouTube

Blkem is The Black Social Netw..

We are Black First! No question about that. We love ourselves first and want to see The Black Community pick itself up from these long drawn out tribulations.

It's ok to FOCUS on building your community first, because that is what is taking place in other communities even those that have leapfrogged ahead of us. There's no time to feel guilty. We have to develop not hate, but selfishness for progress...until

We are more connected. Our awareness have heightened. The will to see actual progress are more defined.


In response Site Admin to his Publication

The Powernomics book stresses the importance of economic power in the black community. To spend outside of the community is painful, but to not spend inside the community is even more painful...

"White communities basically live off of two incomes: 100% of theirs and 98% of ours" - Dr. Claud Anderson

Drop your links!

I want to see more Black businesses thrive. DROP your website link in the comments!

(No social media pages or crowdfunding links)

S.H.I.F.T in Progress! #blackowned #blackbusiness #Communitydevelopment
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Democrat party propaganda openly declares that OUR very survival in America, hinges upon our being subservient to their blatant oppression & white supremacy! We KNOW that our survival depends upon US independently building US! ALL PWR SALUTE to those whom stood firm on our pledge #NoBLKAgendaNoVote ???

***Nine Slides***

This is where we keep it extra real.

We undertand the need to gravitate towards white-owned platforms that's trending, that's glamorized by celebrities and people in our communities.

If youre facilitating these multiple platfoms and not those established for us to be on-code, then you're doing a disservice to black-owned platforms that's constantly in the shadows.

You can facilitate white-owned platforms while pushing Black Empowerment on others that's made for unifying.



1. Mobile App for iOS and Android are currently in development and should be here in November, if everything goes well.

2. This month, we will be adding ads/affiliate system and a few other developments. If you want to earn a bit extra by inviting people, then the affiliate program is for you.

3. BLKEM brand is being developed. Will be pushing that out soon.

4. We are working on a verification system that will be able to vet users. This helps to confirm that users are nothing else but Black.

#blkemmobileapp #blkembrand

BLKEM is starting from the ground up so there may not be many elements that you would see on an already established platform but stick with us..we only get better from here.

#blkemstrong #B1 #weareallwegot #blackliberation #blackempowerment #pushingagainstthestatusquo #ifnotnowthenwhen

The Black Empowerment Network is for the Community.

We told you all things are going to get better. Just stick with us. Change takes time but we're on a time limit when it comes to Black Empowerment.

We know what must be let's do it.


For these racist old men, even though the era changes, their mindset don't change. They're stuck in their ways!?
They will forever perpetuate racial and discriminatory practices and/or statements against the Black Community.?

You can't fight white supremacy with the same old narrative. ?
You fight with substance. ?
We are substantially deficient, the reason why we really cannot make grand moves, to at least have a fighting chance.?

This is what we have found. The owners of Blackpeoplemeet and BLK. Not Black Owned!!! can always and SHOULD create your own table, but you get the point. ?
When you bring your seat, you're showing them that you mean business and what ever they do to STOP you, you will always find a way.?
Pull up that chair!?

We'll just leave this right here..we NEED genuine leaders in the Black Community.

Hi everyone I am beyond exited that this platform exist and I want to share with you what is coming up in my community please join and if you can’t physically participate and donate your time you can donate money for the action just visit and see information about our first rally coming up on 8/8 and security training on 8/6. Registration for both is on there will be free vegan food for the community and free mask please see our list of demands for the action posted on our flier. For more information also you can goblackvegfest on IG. You can always donat

Do for self: Black Empowerment ?
We wanted to get the pronunciation of blkem correct. So here it is! ?
Empowering the Black community to do for self is our definition of Black Empowerment.?
Black Empowerment is subjective as long as it follows the path of building the Black community.? #blackempowerment