Stacy Hicks


Small Business Benefits Consultant

"If you want to hide something from Black people, put it in a book!"?
In these times, the book isn't needed. It's right in front of our eyes. We see what we NEED to do, now let's go forward and do it. ?
The ground work is already laid out for us. Now, we have to put in the work that is necessary to propel the Black community forward.?#actionableintelligence

CHANGE is coming!!?
We are becoming non-dependent on the system that got us addicted to small handouts.?
If you continue to sleep, the Black community will continue propelling forward, without you!?
YOU will, be left behind!?
Let's start the discussions ?

We are excited to publish the full video release here on blkem. Share, tag, repost, like, comment! Let us know what you think! #blkempromovid

A post by @dev_not_patel just reminded me! DO NOT FALL FOR KANYE'S FOOLISHNESS! His stunt and fake bid for President is just a ploy to split the Black vote! Do NOT fall for this, please! If we do, Trump will get re-elected! #TellaFriend ??

**Teaser** Exclusive full 60 seconds video launch at 12am on Black Out Day, July 7th. #blkempromovid

Is everyone ready for the #Blackout on Tuesday #July7th ?? What have you done to prepare?

What do you all have planned for this weekend, since we're NOT celebrating the 4th??? My family is just extending our #Juneteenth celebrations and enjoying the 3-day weekend! ?

2020 marks the 100-year #centennial of the #NegroLeagues #TipYourCap2020 is a campaign to honor and recognize our ancestors who paved the way for Blacks in athletics today! Check out for more info!

Happy Father's Day, Gentlemen! I hope you enjoy your day to the fullest! ?? Stace

Singer Akon awarded a $6 billion construction contract to build #AkonCity in Senegal! The city will run on #Akoin cryptocurrency.

Follow. Engage. Repeat. Everyone have somthing to offer! #adminpost

We are over 1200 strong on blkem. Thank you for your patience and support. Please continue to follow, like and support your fellow blkem community. Woohoo!! #blackunity #blackcommunity

Hey everyone, we really appreciate your support since blkem was launched in May. This is a simple social media platform that will continue to grow with time.

We have a vision for blkem and look forward to expanding with you all in the future.

This was made FOR US BY US and our goal is to completely detach from non-black platforms.

More now than ever, this is the time for solidarity. We can do this!

Thank you for your patience. Please continue to share and push for the support of The Black Social Network.

My husband and I were talking last night and we would LOVE to set up a non-profit, crowdfunding effort where black people donate small amounts of money so we can give back to other black families in need. For example: accept a $5 donation from 10,000 people so we can turn around and bless 50 people with $1,000 to use on debt, bills, etc. On a GRAND scale, if all 1.6 million followers of the Black COALITION on FB donated $20, that would total $32 million. We could buy land together, assist Black families with home ownership, education, debt relief, etc. #changelives

Black Representation Matters - These are what our kids need to see. People who look like them. Comic book and poster. #blackrepresentation #blackkidsmatter


Happy Monday, Black People! I hope you all have an awesome day and a productive week! ?? Stace

If you have at least 14 mins in your day, please listen to this. Some may not agree, some will. But the message is about unification. #blackunity #blackconsciousness

Use your skills to your advantage. Every business doesnt require a never-before-seen invention. Find a need for your skillset and MONETIZE! #MonetizeYourself #CreateALegacy #BlackOwnedBusiness #Entrepreneurship

Help make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday by signing the petition below ??