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A.D.O.S and a preacher of the gospel, I am a veteran and a business owner. I am unapologetic about being a BLACK AMERICAN. SAY IT LOUDLY

You know what fam, I been got off the retail crazy train and I don't celebrate any holidays but if you are going to buy someone a gift don't let your dollars matriculate outside our own communities. There are plenty of black owned businesses to support and yes I know that not everyone is honest or deal fairly when it comes to our people, but we have to learn to be self reliant or we continue the trends taught by the oppressors. STAY BLACK

Matthew 7:13-14
The Voice

There are two paths before you; you may take only one path. One doorway is narrow. And one door is wide. Go through the narrow door. For the wide door leads to a wide path, and the wide path is broad; the wide, broad path is easy, and the wide, broad, easy path has many, many people on it; but the wide, broad, easy, crowded path leads to death. Now then that narrow door leads to a narrow road that in turn leads to life. It is hard to find that road. Not many people manage it.

Great Risings this Resurrection Morning because Yashua lives and has defeated death as he promised we have hope that we to shall RISE one day in his presence. HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY BLESSINGS KINGS AND QUEENS ..SHALOM

I ought to kick yall azz..ya mama is a black woman she might not have won a beauty contest but I bet you would kill for her!!!!!

Black women be protecting all Black men
While Black men protect only the Black women they deem attractive #stopthat .We see u

What are you doing?? Even a little encouraging goes a long way...Stop being afraid to be BLACK

Time can be our nemesis depending on how we utilize it.?
Understanding where we are at in this timeline is undoubtedly important, especially knowing where we came from.?
Negative history repeats itself if we continue to allow it. ?
Our ancestors did their time and the groundwork to secure a better future for us, with little to no resources. ?
We have access to more than what they had, so in all reality, we should be doing more to end our suffering. If not ours, then for those that will come after us!!?
Don't be selfish. Become selfless for Black Empowerment.

It’s "easier said than done", but can be done easily, if you just convince yourself of the thing u said

Great Rising to you my melanated family. As you greet this new opportunity continue to be unique and wonderfully created, we are of a Royal Priesthood we are children of the most high. Remember that there are none like us that is why we are hated and feared yet secretly LOVED from a distance.???????????????

Galatians 5:22-23
The Voice

The Holy Spirit produces a different kind of fruit: unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. You won’t find any law opposed to fruit like this. The whole world is off kilter the only way to fix the Axis is LOVING ONE ANOTHER

Good Morning!!

If anyone of our users are in the Dallas, TX area, the New Era Nation is starting their 2021 tour in that city. We'll be out there to support them, as we told you..we are bringing sociability with actionability!

March 20th, 12:00 noon Meet us here ?? 2826 Elsie Faye Heggins St, Dallas, TX 75215?? @ Lincoln High For The Kick Off Of The New Era Nation Tour

Remember, we wouldn't be able to remove barriers, if we continue to sit, idle. We have to be the change.

@New_Era_Baltimore @newerarva @NewEraDMV

#blkem #blkemstrong

As I pondered the worst news story of the day A Black man kills 4 people over half of a STIMULUS check, I can only imagine the ignorance that we will see when ADOS receive the debt owed in the form of REPARATIONS.....The love of money is truly the root of all evil

It takes a Village

"We’ve created pregnancy hampers to support Black pregnancies.
These will be gifted (free of charge).
This isn't going to solve the issue but we really hope it will help some.
Our first hampers are scheduled to go out in April and we are REALLY excited.
*Nominate yourself (you absolutely deserve it)

*Nominate someone else (they absolutely deserve it)
*Donate £40 and ‘gift it forward’ (and we’ll get one to someone we know who deserves it)"
p.s. The form is really quick to fill out all you need is the persons name and email to enter.

In response Dave Loki to his Publication

Yoooo that was ill ....Queens life doesn't hurt and LOVE does not include violence and murder. Don't ever let your heart or emotions put you in something that you can not walk away from....there are real men in this world that will love you without all the unnecessary


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Well the inaugural hoopla is over all the coons made their speeches, now it's time to set back and see what the immigrant does for the immigrants because she isn't black. They had all these idiots running around hollerimg about chucks and pearls and when the smoke clears they will tell Blacks on America we were not talking to you nor did we make any promises. Oh yeah we will forgive your student loans after you paid twice for them and bu the way here is 1400 in stimulus but we giving that to everybody anyway. Dont bring up REPARATIONS we had nothing to do with SLAVERY..