Hi. My name is Natalie and I make jewelry that wows people. A lot of people think that Pandora's charms have real gemstones and are NOT plated, but that's not true. Also, they did not invent that style of bracelets. (The style is known as "European Style Charm Bracelets.") They simply put them on the map by charging outrageous prices for the same charms that I have access to across the pond. When I saw how high they were charging, I wanted to give my people a better alternative. Check out my Facebook business page or take a look at the bracelets below!


This is something that needs to be discussed. This is an important issue where more BLACK voices need to speak on this. Where mobilization is necessary.

We cannot be silent anymore. We cannot claim to be for Black Empowerment and watch our brother's and sisters go through the ringer from white supremacy.

What are ya'll thoughts on this? What are the solutions?


White Students in Plano Bullied Black Boy Into Drinking Urine, Plano Police Investigating - YouTube

White Haggard Middle School St..

What happened to that young brother in Plano Texas bothers me. It should be terrifying to do that to one of us let alone post it online...We not going hard enough.

How to Use Science to Dominate The Female Brain || The Saint and The Sinner

Female Nature Explained:


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My BLACK OWNED plant-based, organic skincare company. handcrafted out of Atlanta, Check it out! https://Melanin60Skin.com ?

I love this website, trying to follow as many of yall as possible ?

Anyone on here making music? Please share!!! Here's mine.

I wanted to show the very white music community in my town that I can do everything they can do with a guitar, and more. I'm self-taught and do my own recording, writing and performing.


The cousins. Some of us are mixed, some are not, we're all Jamaican.

i got so many memes against white folks dont let me catch one on here?

We can really just report white ppl for being white???? i love that!


We can really just report white ppl for being white???? i love that!

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How they stole our land...

How Property Law Is Used to Appropriate Black Land - YouTube

As the U.S. continues to grapp..

let me stop playing and make my verification video. "hello, it's me.. a negro."

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