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Reeducation is a must. Read the article I wrote about the Hisroty and development of the education in Afrika and give me some feedback.


Have you ever seen the traditional Senegalese fight ? And if so did you see it virtual or in real life ?

What's new?

Tensions with France

Post Election trouble

Womens Saftey Problems

Deploys troops to boarder with ehtiopia

Politician arrested

Bobi Wine keeps being intimidated by military

Ongoing tension between south and north

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I have been inactive for a while, but now I am planning to come back regularly.

Africans have more in common than we have differences.

These are farming dances from Guinea and Tanzania.

So now you would also know where the former slave masters got the idea of playing bantu drums while enslaved people where working on the plantations in the #carribean

Africa News

#togo inaugurated west africas biggest solar plant
#Uganda 200 street vendors have been arrested because of covid restrictions

#somalia elections in October

#sudan peace talks in Khartoum

African womens handball cup Cameroon against #angola

Military under attack

Africas Presidents:

#southafrica ex president has been jailed

#mauritania ex president has been jailed

#ivorycoast ex president returned to his native village

#Nigeria Buhari flies to England for a medical visit

#gabon President urges unity among the populatio

Africa News
#Eswatini Protesters want Democracy in Africas last absolute Monarchy; A Curfew has been established and the King allegedly fled the country

#ghana 2 People died, and 4 injured in total during protests

#drc to strengthen ties with #rwanda
Ongoing crisis with attacks

Ongoing war between #tigray and #ethiopia
TIgray rebels retake tigrays capital - Ethiopia declared ceasefire
UNICEF office had been raided

we cant all be the same and always agree, but we should listen to each other, respect each other, encourage each other and step up for each other.

#drc #congo military attacks ,
People displaced by volcano are left alone by government

#chad accuses #centralafricanrepublic of killing 6 soldiers

#somaliland parlamental elections

#southsudan UK cuts aid for emergency food

#ethiopia ongoing war

#Namibia is not to accept Germanys money offer because of genocide in the past
#nama chef is not being heard

#southafrica protestors want prostitution to be decriminalised

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Article from Al Jazeera,, face2faceafr

#kenya Woman is being awarded by WHO, for helping over 1000 women to give birth during pandemic ;
Man makes masks to Bricks,
Woman divorces her man to marry holy spirit

#africanparliament election suspended after days of disorder

#Nigeria more kidnappings

#ivorycoast ex president plans to come back

#Mali #ecowas suspension and sanctions over second military cup ,
Military releases Prime Minister, President under unknown conditions

#senegal president is being bashed for buying new yet, amid pandemic

Wins african beach soccer cup

#Nigerian movement for the liberation of the western Sahara condemns France's actions
3 Abducted schoolgirls have been found shot

#zimbabwe deadlock over tobacco transportation fares

#southafrica lawyers representing Zuma are withdrawing

#tanzania braces for cyclone ,
Suluhu doesn't want to be compared to Magufuli ,
Oil deal with Uganda

#liberia #ivorycoast Liberian men had been killed during attack on ivorian military base

#ethiopia #tigray sexual violence as weapon of war

#Namibia protest against oil company

#kenya shortage of HIV drugs


#chad unstable after death of president

#Mali europe tries to push for an elected government

#Uganda 16 year old climate activist to plant trees ,
Fears that reparations sought by #drc will be difficult

#mozambique 40,000 displaced

#angola heavy rains kill people and leave 8,000 homeless

#Africa to reduce emissions #climatechange

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You are taking the EMPOWERMENT, the E in #blkem very serious. I like it. we all need to motivate each other to DO better..??

Being "woke" is a state of mind. ?
Being "woke" and doing the work, is your state of mind actually working. Proactivity is taking place. ?
Working on preventing something from happening is where we need to be at, even if we are not always successful.?

We can sit and have a whole monologue of what needs to happen.."Monday night quarterbacking" as they say....but if we only expect others to take a stance and not ourselves, then it's not leadership. It's lack of action to change our outcome.

Continued in comments....

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"We have to learn to live the african way. It's the only way to live in freedom and with dignity." Thomas Sankara

#BurkinaFaso Ex-President Compaoré is tried in Thomas Sankara murder case.

A woman in office is no guarantee for the improvement of the Situation for Women.

Do i have to be ashamed because I dont know who DMX has been?

The last Empress of Ethiopia. In 1928 she united women around the world to stand up against war.
"Even though world women are living in different countries with different climates, all women are interrelated with the same will and objectives. War is the distress and trouble of mankind. Although world women are in different countries with different races and religions, the act of war has victimized their husbands, brothers, War is a destruction of the family and all living creatures, so as women we are against war."

Being visible of African decent makes life everywhere outside of Africa harder. Especially when you are dark skinned. #fightcolourism

AfricaNews (2/2)
#mozambique attacks ; children face forced mining labour

#african forest elephant at risk of extinction

#Uganda arrest American; fights cancer with mobile mammography van

#madagascar ex president dies

#drc former police president wanted for suspected murder

#republicofcongo elections; opposition leader dies one day after elections

#centralafricanrepublic former president now rebel leader

#kenya Clovid restrictions

#ethiopia Prime minister Aby wants to withdraw troops from #tigray ; war crimes by military

#somali attacks

#sudan readies f

Africa News (1/2)
#gambia upholds ban on skin bleaching products

#gabon wants more equality between men and women

#sierraleone fire inferno

#Nigeria and crypto currencies , Benin Bronze to be returned from #uk

#ivorycoast ranks fourth in global rubber production; Ouattara names Patrick Achi as prime minister

#senegal activists released, call to exit French retail companies; journalists allege increased intimidation against Ousmane Sonko; economic struggle amid covid

The french colonial regime had been violent and ruthless. Since Europeans thought that africans are of a lesser race and uncivilized savages , the war methods have been ruthless and there havent been any "war crimes " and the need to act by moral standards. It's time to fully recognize responsibilities and the damage that has been done and to remove themselves from african governments. It's not necessary that westafricans are still paying with money produced and regulated by france 60 years after "independence ".

#rwanda #africaunite

?Dancing (+Horse) in Togo?

Benin does also have a horse parade/festival of the dancing horse.

Original on YouTube:
Parade de chevaux à Sokodé

Uploaded by
Aboubakar K. OMOROU


A la cérémonie d'ouverture du FESTEKPE 6eme édition à Sokodé au Togo décembre 2013

What do you think? How is learning a foreign language before you learn your own language better? Isn't language part of your culture? Why is it that Foreign influences think africans are unable to conduct themselves? Should we really depend on foreign aid ? Foreign aid isnt always in africas best interest, isnt it ? How is it normal that chinese signs are hanging everywhere but very few people know how to read it ? Are people exaggerating China's influence ? Isnt time to become selfsufficent instead of waiting for other people to save you?

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Do you remember that time when a chinese man taught african children how to insult themselves in Mandarin?


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