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Its literally a generation curse that needs to be broken. Black women have gotten too comfortable becoming single moms knowing good n well the man they chose to have a child with showed zero signs of father/husband qualities. What we need to do is fast from our sexual desires. we've become pleasure addicts. no ones soul searching, just ? & ? searching... bein real

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I am not even sure if it's a TRUST Issue or a ENVY ISSUE i understand when white folks reject me mainly hate but my own it be like how did you get that type job or how did you obtain the knowledge to do that because mainly white people do what you do...smh there is a ton of well educated Blacks in technology and own businesses....WAKE UP MY PEOPLE SLAVERY HAS BEEN OVER...LETS GOOOOOOO

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Couldn’t agree more. Is as if we were programmed to facilitate every other except ours. As if we can’t trust each other

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I feel you and I am a black businessman I consult for network engineering and in addition provide service to some larger corporations. I love working for self I have taught my son the business and he owns his own company. I have found not all blacks are cheering for me and a lot of times they are the main ones deny my contracts but, I been going strong over 20 years so i brish ot off and keep pushing. We can not achieve people in Power until we give power to the people.

it's not our responsibility to educate our oppressors

or refute their vile propaganda, point by point

our responsibility is to stop their predatory behavior

Sometimes you got to Go Get IT for those who didnt even know they NEEDED IT.

deadbeats really do something to my core. literally one of the most selfish acts you can do

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The concept is called subliminal action they are trying to program the new generation of blacks and people to engage in the idealistic theory of black being less than and never equal to...the evidence that it works is the self hate and murder in our community by our own people

Sense of humor is nice, but some people just too goofy for my liking? social media got everyone thinking they comedians

I feel that

My self doubt is really whats stopping me from being great?

Your individuality makes room for your gift(s).
Your gifts will make room for themselves.
It will open doors that no man can close!!

My mind has just been on “I won’t accept this” “Just take that step! that’s all I need you to do” “I know you want to be compfortable but we have a purpose...”

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I really don't understand, they only do that to think that they are allies. I need you to be an ally in bigger things...

Negros today treat BLK LIBERATION as if it's an app you can install & in-install based on your momentary emotions...??
? #NAPP ??ovement???

My food came out so good today?. Good vibez & good energy?

supreme rising Tribe & Family ??Peace & BLESSING?
Idk who needs to hear this...

...be mindful eating at ppl houses
Remember energy is transferable
And if their energy is off and they’re COOKING ? , then They’re putting all that negative energy toxic energy into their food and you’re eating & DIGESTING IT ???????
& you wonder why you’re feeling HEAVY , Sluggish, & ANGRY .. & you don’t know why .......

“I am feeling kinda hungry, ‘cause my Hugh is coming down,
Don’t feed me yours ‘cause your food DOES NOT ENDURE,
I think I Needs a cup of tea, the world keeps BURNING”” —E.B??

Me just finding out about this platform today on twitter. Time to put my peoples on!

If you've never tried the 3 day water fast I highly suggest it. My body feels amazing
Back was hurting so freakin bad for almost a month. 2 days into the fast-Gone. 3rd day, i'm feeling like superwoman...no caP lol

Somebody once said to me that playin music during sex is corny.....idk bout you but ima bump to my r&b music ??? everything I do involves music so I cannot relate

Right. ?????????

Time can be our nemesis depending on how we utilize it.?
Understanding where we are at in this timeline is undoubtedly important, especially knowing where we came from.?
Negative history repeats itself if we continue to allow it. ?
Our ancestors did their time and the groundwork to secure a better future for us, with little to no resources. ?
We have access to more than what they had, so in all reality, we should be doing more to end our suffering. If not ours, then for those that will come after us!!?
Don't be selfish. Become selfless for Black Empowerment.

Magnetic Fluid

Magnetic Fluid and Melanin

Transition Metals

Transition Metals and Melanin

Carbon and Diamonds

Heat and Electricity conductors

Melanin Heat and Electricity conductor

Carbon and Melanin


Schrodinger's cat

Quantum Mechanics and melanin

Quantum Physics and melanin

Melanin Vibrational Frequency

Topics I just think we should look further into. I mean, why leave their extensive melanin studies up to them?? Ya dig?? ?? ?