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The fact that Tobe Nwigwe song Fye Fye isnt already the summers anthem concerns me!! The beat?? the bars?? the black excellence??...its not a harder song out right now. period.

We have to control our narratives. I did a whole interview about the Blkem x New Era Nation collab and the interviewer used snippets. ? I mean I guess its good that the movement is out there and that the snippet aired a whole day but dag. We touched on alot in that interview.

Where are our DMV folks on this app?

Greetings all,

Really do hope everyone is doing well. Engagement have definitely slowed down on the platform, which is understandable but temporary due to our ever progressing developments.

Those who have downloaded the mobile app and also provided feedback, we thank you as it is a great help to ongoing developments.

We are literally working behind the scenes to push out new developments and make the app more convenient for you all.

We are also working with New Era Nation to bring some needed elements, digitally.

Stay tuned!

#blkem #blackfirst #neweranation

this is a safe space. tell us why its yt ppl on the low?

Had a productive week!! New Era DMV hit the community heavy to start off the H2H season. Promoted Blkem app & New Era Nation partnership, Fed the people who were in need, and spread that Black Love, Black Power and Black Unity!!

New Era Nation on the Move! Friday we were in Baltimore building with our people right on Penn and North and today we hit Philly to pay respects to the MOVE movement and got to spread Black Love Black Unity and Black Power on Osage Street once again
. ??

Oooooo this app looking clean!?? let me find sumpn to post

Its Almost time for the DMV to get busy!! volunteers are always welcome!????????

Black Empowerment of the day word of the day...Gamechanger. ?? Blkem x New Era Nation got one. i am excited.

Blkem and New Era Nation in Dallas this past weekend! Powerful????????

The line outside of Gucci is not only breaching covid protocols but the ancestors are dissappointed smh. Garvey for sho. Black people need to start organizing to become recession proof, pandomonium proof. No worries im already on it because ive been blessed with forward thinking and a loud ancestral voice with a Jamaican accent always guiding me. $1400 once in a blue moon not getting us off the bottom of the economic ladder. that aint closing the wealth gap. thats not building new jobs or ownership opportunities. Yall deserve $1400 a week accumatively

Ive always been very hesitant of celebrating the 1st Black this or that because Ive always felt that its more of an accomplishment for those who worked overtime to keep Black faces out of White spaces. I know we have been qualified, skillful, smart enough etc well before they finally decided to intergrate. When they control the system, they control the narrative and now we act like Black representation in historically racist institutions is #goals . thats just me however.

After Coming to America 2 there has been a rise in interest in the African Diaspora returning home to create a global superpower. If any generation was primed to start the process its ours. We need to push for that 6th region of the African Union spot, create the voters bloc, and do exactly what J Edgar Hoovers FBI was terrified of: Global Black Unity.

the british royal family being lowkey racist quizzing her babies complexion and all this is exactly why some of us were not celebrating this "black princess" stuff. The real Black princess is in this app somewhere. I see no value in being a part of the incestous royal family.

What happened to that young brother in Plano Texas bothers me. It should be terrifying to do that to one of us let alone post it online...We not going hard enough.

We are looking for volunteers for our upcoming programming. If you are not in the DMV do not worry. New Era Nation has chapters around the country! and if we arent where you are take the steps to build a chapter. ?? #blackempowermentmovement #blackpowerplay #letsgetorganized

New Era DMV Queens Council presents...New Year New Moon Wine Down hosted by Flex_by Lex38???????????????


What matters to you?

What matters to us? is YOU!

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What matters to you? - YouTube

Blkem is not like any regular ..

we highly recommend reading this book when searching for what ways you can get involved in helping your people. UNIA owned restaurants, grocery stores, produced plays, etc. Black Star Line shipping was just another puzzle peice to liberation. UNIA was well ahead of its time. a black owned and operated conglomerate.

Have you ever considered taking your field of expertise and creating a competitor for whomever the top company is in that industry? and would you use it to improve the socioeconomic position of your people?

Yes and yes

Yes and no

No but i would

Dangerous to Amerikkka means more than owning guns and ammo... it means being organized to the point it deters the opps. We need to get so organized and powerful that people quit before they follow the order that encroaches on our liberty.

best thing about a black owned and operated platform is that in times where my city is being plotted on by racists and the rumblings of it being an inside job are circling there is one place to trust to talk safely about planning. ??

So in conclusion. In 2021 New Era DMV will be building the option to become shareholders/members/citizens that can utilize this agenda and work towards changing the dynamic. All the energy used to elect Biden/Harris can be utilized with this agenda. Trump is out of office so there is no bigger fish to fry. BOBs are closing left and right and boycotts of white businesses do not build wealth for us unless we build a competitor. Its a n affordable situation so there is no excuse. I welcome all thoughts and questions. ??????

To build a microeconomy we will need to use methods that were succesful in the past and modernize them. Marcus Garveys UNIA used investment capital to build a plethora of businesses under the UNIA umbrella. NOI collects $1.75 a week from its members to fund the businesses under their umbrella sustainability. We can use our pocket change to invest and sustain our own economic solution. We can be the shareholders that matter. With 40+ million here we can generate $40+ million a week to use to build whatever we want and need.