That sounds dope AF!!!

We need to have a Netflix party between us cousins and watch a movie or binge watch a show while debating

For Everyone asking lol Here is the screenshot of some Great Action+ Story Anime. If you seen these are would like some more suggestions send me a DM

If you see me visiting your profile? Mind your business?

I am taking Biochemistry and I plan to make cosmetics ?
I want a good life for my parents and build houses in Angola and Guinea-Bissau (Motherland) ??

Goodmorning my black Kings & Queens... Since today the last day of Black History Month, Quote this with any business you have or are planning to start... What you major in if you in college, and what career you want to have for your life ??

Some people on twitter saying " Ohh but a social media only with black people ain't going to end beefs"
Boii, I just don't want to argue with white folks being racist and saying stupid shit about african people ?
Beefs between black people always end in a funny way and ain't that serious

Finna visit yall profile & follow who yall following ???

I'm so tired of being tired of being tired or whatever lil baby said ?

In response Nahom Wolle to his Publication

D'Angelo. i feel like this is just like.. a concert type thing?

In response Nahom Wolle to his Publication

You have to be a Black celebrity / Influencer or Content Creator with major following / A Globally Recognizable Brand. Which are you?

In response Neia Beia to her Publication

especially when it becomes an app... twitter finished

when that ios app comes out .... yeah. my twitter mutuals will never see me again

how this app out for like a day and we acting like this a family reunion this is why this app is the best ?

i'll verify my blackness tomorrow. I'm too lazy to take a video rn ?

just sumbitted my blaccness request ?? i love it here

i'm about to get babe into anime. im ready to have debates about one piece LMAO

im talking to yall like ive known yall for years, i love this app LMAOO