Omg, hi 🫣 West Indian American (Afro-Caribbean). Weeb. Junior’s has the best cheesecake in NY and the country 😤

It’s been 5 months since my last log in…hey y’all 🥴

Just made an update to my campaign. Spent a few hours doing some math and messing around with numbers. I've got rough estimates of how the budget will be spent, from marketing, distribution, and websites to recording studio equipment and rental space. Please share this around everywhere you can with everyone you know, It'll help a lot. Thanks so much to those who have donated so far. I really appreciate you and I'm grateful for your support. #TrueSoundzEntertainment #TSE #TrueSoundzTakeover #IndependentRecordLabel

Happy Juneteenth!
Happy Father’s Day!
Y’all be extra blessed today 🤎

This been bothering me all week. so I went to the dentist last Thursday and it was at a clinic in Chinatown. I needed a cleaning since my last 1 was in September and this place was the only 1 w/ the soonest appointment. It’s my 1st time there. I check in and I’m token 👩🏽 1/???

I haven’t been on for a minute. Here’s some light hearted news: I gave my 2yr old niece her first taste of cheesecake today and she liked it!! Still ain’t call me auntie but we’ll get there 🥺

I don’t understand how easy it is for ppl to hate black women and my brain short circuits when I see that hate coming from inside the house. Like…why???

Anybody know anything about AC? My AC has this terrible smell when I put it on. I took it out the window and WASHED it out w/ bleach, oven cleaner, mistolin, and this other spray, then rinsed with hot water. It’s CLEAN, but the awful smell remains. What gives??? Pls help 🥺

Saw 2 different tweets last night calling yt ppl the cornstarch community and discharge demons. I haven’t been the same

I love how I let my locs air dry and then get surprised when I have a stuffy nose next day 😂 happy Friday y’all

Asked my momma yesterday to walk with me at the track field tomorrow after breakfast. She said no. Okay, that’s cool. I’ll walk by myself. Why this woman call me today waking me up on some ”oh you still sleep? Well I’m at the track field, hurry up”….ma’am?????

Oh no, I made a bunch of yts angry on an Obama tweet 🤭

Wishing I had Megan knees, hips, and low back right about now. My 30’s are really beating my ass 😩

Hey y’all! If you like to shop small and black, I have a tiny home based business where I sell handmade & handcrafted products. These are the final days of my website being active before moving to Etsy. I’m hoping to sell out all of my current stock 😊

So….who else doing with some unnecessarily hot ass weather? I’ve melted into a puddle of human.

Bubble was a gorgeous movie visually, but the story itself left me kind of limp.

I think it would be better suited as a 12-13 episode series than as a movie because there would’ve been more room to grow, especially for Hibiki and Uta’s relationship 😫

It was summer yesterday, now it’s damn near winter today 😂 NY weather is something else.

I’ve been seeing a lot of interracial relationship discourse online lately.

”How do you feel about interracial marriage?”

Well, my great grandmother was a 1st gen freed woman. That means her mama was a slave. My grandma was born in 1923, and my mama in 1961.

Family history.

Hello everybodyyyyyyyy 🤗🤗🤗🤗
I had therapy today, so I feel great. I also just had porridge from the Jamaican spot (a mix of oatmeal, cornmeal, and banana), and it was 🤤 I normally prefer my mama’s cornmeal porridge, but she got competition now 😮‍💨 how y’all doing today???

I was on my twt burner….which may or may not be a stan account 😂 Look at this shit. They just be dickriding/bootlicking. They really tried to all races matter this shit 😭 like?? I’ve lived with and around black ppl my whole life, unless there’s beef, tf is there to worry about?

Has anyone heard of vipassana meditation and its retreats?

My patience,I no longer have any. Why don’t they turn this into a RICO case and arrest whoever supplied the gun, armor, and the car…Idc, throw all the mf in prison, under the prison. I’m so fed up. They just can’t leave us alone. 10 innocent lives...I feel so powerless

TW// racism

I am reminded why a social media app for us is imperative. The fact that Twitter will give you a warning before posting certain explicit tweets, but let’s users create names like this is a whole new level of fuckery I don’t have energy for today

Are these printer companies really making it where you can only use their original ink? I bought a new printer thinking my old 1 was broken because it started having printing issues but it’s because I bought cheaper ink from a green company for literally a fraction of the price

Good morning everybody! I’m gonna spend the day watching anime. I ain’t got nothing else to do besides relax and retighten my locs 😌

My nephew just texted me ”happy Mother’s Day aunty.” I’m not okay *SOBS* I can’t believe my little stinka butt about to be 17 this year. oh my time flies! I wish kids aged slower. stay smol and squishy just a little bit longer 🥺❤️

Seeing all these basketballs blurts and not understanding not one of them 😌

Good morning y’all! Happy Mother’s Day 🥰
S/O to my mama for being so selfless and being there for me these past 2yrs when I needed her most. I would not have made it this far on my own. And also for keeping my plants alive 🤓